BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bug1167241Remove return line for _email so name can be picked up from git changeset.Stevan Radaković8 years
devAdded full last changeset info to lightweight dashboardMarcin Kuzminski8 years
footer_versionSwitch to new tag naming scheme take 2.Stevan Radaković8 years
ldapSmall permission fix for repository ACL.Stevan Radaković8 years
linaroShow a git+ssh clone URL in the git repository summary.Milo Casagrande8 years
masterfix required repo_type param on repo edit formMarcin Kuzminski8 years
private_repo_system_aclAdd ACL support for private repositories for git ssh protocol.Stevan Radaković8 years
repo_model_changesHandle updates if system group does not exist.Stevan Radaković8 years
v1.5.4_linaro5rhodecode-1.5.4_linaro5.tar.gz  Milo Casagrande8 years
v1.5.4_linaro4rhodecode-1.5.4_linaro4.tar.gz  Milo Casagrande8 years
v1.5.4_linaro3rhodecode-1.5.4_linaro3.tar.gz  Milo Casagrande8 years
v1.5.4_linaro2rhodecode-1.5.4_linaro2.tar.gz  Milo Casagrande8 years
v1.5.4.1_linarorhodecode-  Stevan Radaković8 years
v1.5.4_linarorhodecode-1.5.4_linaro.tar.gz  Milo Casagrande8 years
listrhodecode-list.tar.gz  Milo Casagrande8 years
v1.5.4rhodecode-1.5.4.tar.gz  Marcin Kuzminski8 years
v1.5.3rhodecode-1.5.3.tar.gz  Marcin Kuzminski8 years
v1.5.2rhodecode-1.5.2.tar.gz  Marcin Kuzminski8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-05-17fix required repo_type param on repo edit formHEADmasterMarcin Kuzminski
2013-05-12Repo type can't be changed. Fixes issue 836Simon Lopez
2013-05-12bumped version in stable branchMarcin Kuzminski
2013-05-12Added tag v1.6.0 for changeset 78b53ee0d247Marcin Kuzminski
2013-05-12Version bump and updated changelog for 1.6.0 final releaseMarcin Kuzminski
2013-05-11fixed VCS tests after executable big issue was fixedMarcin Kuzminski
2013-05-10fixed issue with web-editor that didn't preserve executable bitMarcin Kuzminski
2013-05-02backported redirection loop fix from beta ref: 222e9432298eMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-27fix broken handling of adding an htsts.Marcin Kuzminski
2013-04-26fixed some unicode problems with git file pathMarcin Kuzminski