BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
audiodb845c: audio: Set Analog and HDMI mixer controlsAmit Pundir15 months
masterTODO: TQFTPSERV: ANDROID: fixes for upstreamJohn Stultz16 months
wip/aospdb845c: Add v4l2_codec2 support and qcomlt's v4l2_decode test appAmit Pundir6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-13TODO: TQFTPSERV: ANDROID: fixes for upstreamHEADmasterJohn Stultz
2020-02-13TODO: RMTFS: ANDROID: Open /dev/qcom_rmtfs_memX fd and fix partition by-name ...Amit Pundir
2020-02-13qcom: Add userspace tools to talk to dsp and modemAmit Pundir
2020-02-13Fixup for ath10k firmware pathsJohn Stultz
2020-02-13more firmware fixupsJohn Stultz
2020-02-13db845c: firmware: Add ath10k WCN3990 board-2.bin for wifiJohn Stultz
2020-02-13db845c: firmware: Add updated ath10k/WCN3990 firmwareJohn Stultz
2020-02-13db845c: firmware: Add modem and mba firmware filesJohn Stultz
2020-02-12db845c: firmware: Use qcom/sdm845/ prefix on gpu firmware filesJohn Stultz
2020-02-06db845c: Add Inherit-product for updatable_apexJohn Stultz