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masterPatch from mwasilewTom Gall8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-06-14Patch from mwasilewHEADmasterTom Gall
2013-03-27remove debugTom Gall
2013-03-27remove -x debugTom Gall
2013-03-27don't bother to include check against expected result. glslparserTom Gall
2013-03-27add "" around strings for comparisons and [] as part of the if checkTom Gall
2013-03-27remote debug ECHOTom Gall
2013-03-27smalle fix ups. fix up name, path of testcaseTom Gall
2013-03-27yaml to support multiple-shader-objects_gles2 testcaseTom Gall
2013-03-27yaml to support glsl-fs-pointcoord_gles2 testcaseTom Gall
2013-03-27-regex is not support with android's find.Tom Gall