BranchCommit messageAuthorAge New script for tcwg-benchmark-results-comp...Christophe Lyon4 years Add support for hw_tag and results_idChristophe Lyon11 months
diana/release/11.0.0Increase memory allocation for build containersDiana Picus10 months
diana/release/python2%wipInstall python2 so we can build llvm 11.1.0-rc2 etcDiana Picus5 months Remove workaround for LLVM+BFD now that we use LLDMaxim Kuvyrkov39 min. Better handle regressions in merges commitsMaxim Kuvyrkov2 years
rr-many[rr-many 6/N] Improve update_baselineMaxim Kuvyrkov2 years
tcwg_bmkMerge branch 'master' into tcwg_bmkChristophe Lyon2 years Update after merge.Maxim Kuvyrkov2 years Fix patch author queryMaxim Kuvyrkov8 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
39 Remove workaround for LLVM+BFD now that we use LLDHEADmasterMaxim Kuvyrkov
8 Fix patch author querytestedMaxim Kuvyrkov
37 Notify patch authors on regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
44 Return infrastructure error on problems with HWMaxim Kuvyrkov
3 Bind-mount benchmark git cache for bmk containersMaxim Kuvyrkov
3 Support tcwg-sq-* machinesMaxim Kuvyrkov
3 Restart stopped or restarting containersMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 Call bmk routineMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 Handle git cache for SPEC CPU2xxx benchmarksMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 Cleanup and prepare for bmk cache handlingMaxim Kuvyrkov