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Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew Morton)
Merge more patches from Andrew Morton: "The rest of MM. Plus one misc cleanup" * emailed patches from Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org>: (35 commits) mm/Kconfig: add MMU dependency for MIGRATION. kernel: replace strict_strto*() with kstrto*() mm, thp: count thp_fault_fallback anytime thp fault fails thp: consolidate code between handle_mm_fault() and do_huge_pmd_anonymous_page() thp: do_huge_pmd_anonymous_page() cleanup thp: move maybe_pmd_mkwrite() out of mk_huge_pmd() mm: cleanup add_to_page_cache_locked() thp: account anon transparent huge pages into NR_ANON_PAGES truncate: drop 'oldsize' truncate_pagecache() parameter mm: make lru_add_drain_all() selective memcg: document cgroup dirty/writeback memory statistics memcg: add per cgroup writeback pages accounting memcg: check for proper lock held in mem_cgroup_update_page_stat memcg: remove MEMCG_NR_FILE_MAPPED memcg: reduce function dereference memcg: avoid overflow caused by PAGE_ALIGN memcg: rename RESOURCE_MAX to RES_COUNTER_MAX memcg: correct RESOURCE_MAX to ULLONG_MAX mm: memcg: do not trap chargers with full callstack on OOM mm: memcg: rework and document OOM waiting and wakeup ...
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@@ -490,6 +490,8 @@ pgpgin - # of charging events to the memory cgroup. The charging
pgpgout - # of uncharging events to the memory cgroup. The uncharging
event happens each time a page is unaccounted from the cgroup.
swap - # of bytes of swap usage
+writeback - # of bytes of file/anon cache that are queued for syncing to
+ disk.
inactive_anon - # of bytes of anonymous and swap cache memory on inactive
LRU list.
active_anon - # of bytes of anonymous and swap cache memory on active