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drm: Merge branch 'drm-cleanups-jbarnes' into drm-core-next
Merge topic branch with some of Jesse's cleanups, the save/restore hooks were being used by GMA500 so we can't just drop them. * drm-cleanups-jbarnes: drm: remove some potentially dangerous DRM_ERRORs drm: document the drm_mode_config structure drm: document the drm_mode_group structure drm: document and cleanup drm_mode_config_funcs drm: document drm_mode_set structure drm: remove unused fields in drm_connector and document the rest drm: add drm_encoder comments drm: add comments for drm_encoder_funcs drm: fix comments for drm_crtc struct drm: remove unused connector_count field from drm_display_mode
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