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drm: Merge branch 'drm-gma500-alancox' into drm-core-next
This merges a topic branch containing patches from Alan for the GMA500 driver. * drm-gma500-alancox: gma500: Oaktrail BIOS handling gma500: Fix oaktrail probing part 1 gma500: Be smarter about layout gma500: gtt based hardware scrolling console gma500: frame buffer locking gma500: Fix backlight crash gma500: kill bogus code gma500: Convert spaces to tabs in accel_2d.c. gma500: do a pass over the FIXME tags gma500: Add VBLANK support for Poulsbo hardware gma500: Don't enable MSI on Poulsbo gma500: Only register interrupt handler for poulsbo hardware gma500: kill virtual mapping support gma500: Move the API gma500: kill off NUM_PIPE define gma500: Rename the ioctls to avoid clashing with the legacy drivers drm/gma500: begin pruning dead bits of API
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