path: root/drivers/scsi/fcoe/fcoe.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-14libfc, libfcoe, fcoe: Convert debug_logging macros to pr_infoRobert Love
2012-10-07[SCSI] fcoe: Fix write errors on NPIV portsNeerav Parikh
2012-05-23[SCSI] fcoe: Allocate fcoe_ctlr with fcoe_interface, not as a memberRobert Love
2012-05-10[SCSI] fcoe: remove lport from net device before doing per cpu rx thread cleanupVasu Dev
2012-02-19[SCSI] fcoe: Remove reference counting on 'stuct fcoe_interface'Robert Love
2012-01-16[SCSI] fcoe: Move fcoe_debug_logging from fcoe.h to fcoe.cBart Van Assche
2011-10-02[SCSI] fcoe: use real dev in case of HW vlan accelerationVasu Dev
2011-08-27[SCSI] fcoe: Move common functions to fcoe_transport libraryBhanu Prakash Gollapudi
2011-05-24[SCSI] fcoe: Prevent creation of an NPIV port with duplicate WWPNNeerav Parikh
2011-02-28[SCSI] libfcoe: Move FCOE_MTU definition from fcoe.h to libfcoe.hBhanu Prakash Gollapudi
2011-02-12[SCSI] libfcoe: Move common code from fcoe to libfcoe moduleBhanu Prakash Gollapudi
2009-12-04[SCSI] fcoe: Formatting cleanups and commentingRobert Love
2009-12-04[SCSI] libfcoe, fcoe: libfcoe NPIV supportChris Leech
2009-12-04[SCSI] fcoe: Increase FCOE_MAX_LUN to 0xFFFF (65535)Robert Love
2009-12-04[SCSI] fcoe: Use NETIF_F_FCOE_MTU flag to set up max frame size (lport->mfs)Yi Zou
2009-09-10[SCSI] fcoe: Fix module ref count bug by adding NETDEV UNREGISTER handlingChris Leech
2009-09-10[SCSI] fcoe: fcoe_interface create, destroy and refcountingChris Leech
2009-09-10[SCSI] fcoe: remove fcoe_interface->priv pointerChris Leech
2009-09-10[SCSI] fcoe: move offload exchange manager pointer from fcoe_port to fcoe_int...Chris Leech
2009-09-10[SCSI] fcoe: move FIP controller from fcoe_port to fcoe_interfaceChris Leech
2009-09-10[SCSI] fcoe: move packet handlers from fcoe_port to fcoe_interfaceChris Leech
2009-09-10[SCSI] fcoe: move netdev to fcoe_interfaceChris Leech
2009-09-10[SCSI] fcoe: Introduce and allocate fcoe_interface structure, 1:1 with net_de...Chris Leech
2009-09-05[SCSI] fcoe, libfc: adds per cpu exch pool within exchange manager(EM)Vasu Dev
2009-09-05[SCSI] fcoe: libfcoe: extra semicolon in CHECK_LOGGING macros causes compile ...Joe Eykholt
2009-09-05[SCSI] fcoe: Add format spacing to FCOE_NETDEV_DBG debug macroRobert Love
2009-08-22[SCSI] fcoe: removes phys_dev and renames real_dev to netdev.Vasu Dev
2009-08-22[SCSI] fcoe, libfc: adds offload EM per eth device with only single xid range...Vasu Dev
2009-06-21fcoe: Add runtime debug logging with module parameter debug_loggingRobert Love
2009-06-08[SCSI] fcoe: removes fcoe_watchdogVasu Dev
2009-04-03[SCSI] fcoe, libfcoe: Add support for FIP. FCoE discovery and keep-alive.Joe Eykholt
2009-04-03[SCSI] fcoe: cleans up libfcoe.h and adds fcoe.h for fcoe moduleVasu Dev