AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-16DRILL-7021: HTTPD Throws NPE and Doesn't Recognize TimeformatHEADmasterCharles S. Givre
2019-03-15DRILL-7014: Format plugin for LTSV filesshimamoto
2019-03-15DRILL-7105: Error while building the Drill native clientAnton Gozhiy
2019-03-14DRILL-6707: Removed changes for setOutputRowCount.Sorabh Hamirwasia
2019-03-14DRILL-6707: Update target outgoing batch row count between current position a...Ben-Zvi
2019-03-14DRILL-7068: Support memory adjustment framework for resource management with ...HanumathRao
2019-03-14DRILL-2326: Fix scalar replacement for the case when static method which does...Volodymyr Vysotskyi
2019-03-14DRILL-6524: Assign holder fields instead of assigning object references in ge...Volodymyr Vysotskyi
2019-03-14DRILL-6524: Prevent incorrect scalar replacement for the case of assigning re...Volodymyr Vysotskyi
2019-03-14DRILL-7038: Queries on partitioned columns scan the entire datasetsBohdan Kazydub
2019-03-14DRILL-7058: Refresh command to support subset of columnsVenkata Jyothsna Donapati
2019-03-14DRILL-7061: Disable LIMIT Rows OptionKunal Khatua
2019-03-14DRILL-7075: Fix debian package issue with control filesNaresh Bhat
2019-03-14DRILL-7081: Upgrade GlassFish Jersey and Javax Servlet dependecies versionsVitalii Diravka
2019-03-14DRILL-7092: Rename map to struct in schema definitionArina Ielchiieva
2019-03-13DRILL-7100: Fixed IllegalArgumentException when reading Parquet dataSalim Achouche
2019-03-11DRILL-7085: Fix table-path check in AnalyzeTableHandlerGautam Parai
2019-03-11DRILL-7073: CREATE SCHEMA command / TupleSchema / ColumnMetadata improvementsArina Ielchiieva
2019-03-11DRILL-6952: Host compliant text reader on the row set frameworkPaul Rogers
2019-03-08DRILL-6846: Add CircleCI Test SummaryVitalii Diravka
2019-03-08DRILL-7035: Drill C++ Client crashes on multiple SaslAuthenticatorImpl destru...Debraj Ray
2019-03-08DRILL-7046: Support for loading and parsing new RM config fileSorabh Hamirwasia
2019-03-08DRILL-7054: timestamp in millisecondsGiovanni Conte
2019-03-08DRILL-7056: Drill fails with NPE when starting in distributed mode & 31010 po...Kunal Khatua
2019-03-08DRILL-7069: Moved version checks outside loops in transformBinaryInMetadataCacheBen-Zvi
2019-03-08DRILL-7072: Query with semi join fails for JDBC storage pluginVolodymyr Vysotskyi
2019-03-07DRILL-6979: Added autofocus attribute to username on login page, and to query...Khurram
2019-03-05DRILL-5603: Replace String file paths to Hadoop PathVitalii Diravka
2019-03-05DRILL-7074: Scan framework fixes and enhancementsPaul Rogers
2019-03-04DRILL-6642: Update protocol-buffers versionAnton Gozhiy
2019-03-04DRILL-7060: Support JsonParser Feature 'ALLOW_BACKSLASH_ESCAPING_ANY_CHARACTE...Abhishek Girish
2019-03-02DRILL-7070: Fix deb and rpm issues on apache drill master branchNaresh Bhat
2019-03-01DRILL-6927: Avoid double conversion from impala timestamp when hive native pa...Volodymyr Vysotskyi
2019-03-01DRILL-4858: REPEATED_COUNT on an array of maps and an array of arrays is not ...Bohdan Kazydub
2019-03-01DRILL-7047: Drill C++ Client crash due to Dangling stack ptr to sasl_callback_tDebraj Ray
2019-03-01DRILL-7041: CompileException happens if a nested coalesce function returns nullBohdan Kazydub
2019-03-01DRILL-7052: Relative path for URL redirectionVitalii Diravka
2019-02-28DRILL-1328: Support table statistics - Part 2Gautam Parai
2019-02-28DRILL-1328: Support table statisticsCliff Buchanan
2019-02-25DRILL-6950: Row set-based scan frameworkPaul Rogers
2019-02-22DRILL-7036: Improve UI for alert and error messagesKunal Khatua
2019-02-22DRILL-6734: JDBC storage plugin returns null for fields without aliasesVolodymyr Vysotskyi
2019-02-22DRILL-6582: SYSLOG (RFC-5424) Format PluginCharles S. Givre
2019-02-18DRILL-7022: Partition pruning is not happening the first time after the metad...Volodymyr Vysotskyi
2019-02-18DRILL-6855: Do not load schema if there is an IOExceptionAbhishek Ravi
2019-02-08DRILL-7024: Refactor ColumnWriter to simplify type-conversion shimPaul Rogers
2019-02-08DRILL-6780: Caching dependencies for CircleCIVolodymyr Vysotskyi
2019-02-08DRILL-7031: Add Travis job that runs protobuf generation command and checks i...Volodymyr Vysotskyi
2019-02-01DRILL-6862: Update Calcite to 1.18.0Igor Guzenko
2019-02-01DRILL-7016: Wrong query result with RuntimeFilter enabled when order of join ...Sorabh Hamirwasia