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2014-01-15We no longer use adhoc git mirror.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-01-15Deploy linaro-android-frontend from git.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-01Python doesn't like package dirs with dots in names, so use dashes.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-06-22Var refs typo fix.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-06-22Allow to override bzr branches to deploy in environ.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-06-22Handle virtualenv setup for frontend.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-06-22Actually pass owner for bzr_deploy.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-06-22Handle bzr branch w/o sudo.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-06-22Rework sudo handling.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-06-22Add frontend deployment.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-06-14Use mirror's init script to start/stop service.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-06-14Need to use ln -sfn to overwrite symlinks to dirs.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-06-14Elaborate bzr code deployment.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-05-24Use bash.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-05-24Make grep -v not fail in case of no match.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-05-13Do proper sudo to restart git-mirror. Also, trace commands.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-04-21cd to deployment dir (home dir so far).Paul Sokolovsky
2011-04-21We must use umask 0022 as git-daemon and mirror service are run by dif. users.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-04-20Add check and warning about outstanding mirror ops before killing service.Paul Sokolovsky
2011-04-20First cut at deployment script, so far deploys linaro-android-mirror.Paul Sokolovsky