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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-10Most of utils migrated to https://git.linaro.org/infrastructure/linaro-jenkin...Paul Sokolovsky
2013-12-10git backup script moved to https://git.linaro.org/infrastructure/linaro-jenki...Paul Sokolovsky
2013-11-26android-build jenkins switched to port 8080 for consistency with other hosts.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-11-19lp:1252319: Increase build timeout for Android 4.4.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-11-19Move backup script to utils/.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-09-23Follow repo sync -f with normal repo syn to ensure completeness.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-09-20recover from git failures from serversVishal Bhoj
2013-09-03Update script download link.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-09-03Add proof-of-concept command line client for Android Build service.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-09-03Fix typo.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-09-03Print error messages to stderr.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-09-03Make --help show which commands are available.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-09-03Fixed typos, thanks Milo for review.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-29Add README.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-29PEP8 fixes.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-29Add ability cache auth credentials in FS ("authorize" command).Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-29Support creating private projects (--private switch).Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-28Implement "build" command, more refactoring.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-26Implement job creation.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-21Discourage use of password, promote use of API key.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-20Resolve default remote when adding project to map, fixes later lookup errors.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-19Look up pinned branch revision only when we know there's description for it.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-07manifest-descriptions: Make output filenames be *-ann.xml to get published.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-05Utility to add descriptions for repos/branches used in manifest.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-24Start writing command-line client for android-build.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-12project-based-sec-add.mangle: Script to enable default proj-based security.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-10Link auth_keys from ~/.ssh after moving it to /etc/ssh/user-authorized-keys/.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-10Issue message when action really happens.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-10Fix symlink test.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-10Improve idempotency, comments.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-27Fix split options to handle multiple split char in the same string.Georgy Redkozubov
2013-06-27Add mangle job for updating email notification recipients.Georgy Redkozubov
2013-06-26The notification list have been changed migration of groups from launchpadVishal Bhoj
2013-06-04Make sure we flush stdout when logging, refactor for that.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-04Make publishing progress logging more verbose.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-05-31Flush stdout.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-05-31More propagation logic.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-05-31Log when we start propagation phase.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-05-23We still use builders w/o default python2.6 (no NamedTemporaryFile(delete=Fal...Paul Sokolovsky
2013-05-23lp:1183205: Use proper temporary file for sftp script.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-05-07Fix return code handlingGeorgy Redkozubov
2013-04-29Add Conclusions and Future Work for new-pub.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-04-27Don't kill /upload dir itself.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-04-26Swtich to EC2-based snapshots.linaro.org.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-04-23Elaborate usage.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-04-23Add --host option for testing new publishing hosts.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-04-23Upload dir is called /uploads for consistency with snapshots.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-04-22Add cronjob to clean up uploads area on masterPaul Sokolovsky
2013-04-22Add notice that this script should no longer be used.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-04-22Remove EULA/OPEN-EULA support.Stevan Radakovic