AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-22add missing linaro makefilesHEADmasterAndy Green
2016-02-22kernel cmdline disable console blankingAndy Green
2016-02-20Change the base mk fileFengwei Yin
2016-02-04Local change from yfwFengwei Yin
2016-01-15Enable ethernet supportRob Herring
2016-01-15Set ro.sf.lcd_density propertyRob Herring
2016-01-15Enable on-screen navigation barRob Herring
2016-01-14Add a device ueventd.rcRob Herring
2016-01-12Add QCom Adreno 30x firmware files to buildRob Herring
2016-01-12Adjust image create size and typeRob Herring
2016-01-08Initial commitRob Herring