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To use:
-1) Download the manifest file you'd like to use.
+1) Go to your already checked out AOSP TOP_DIR
-2) Go to your already checked out AOSP TOP_DIR
+2) Download the known-good manifest you wish to use.
3) Initialize & sync the repo using the manifest:
- `repo init -m <manifest>.xml`
+ `repo sync -j24 -m <MANIFEST>.xml`
- `repo sync -j24`
4) Then proceed to build.
-Or alteratively, if you want to do this w/o downloding a file, you can
-get the latest known good via a single command:
- repo init -u https://github.com/johnstultz-work/known-good-manifests -m <BOARD>.xml
+To switch back to AOSP/master:
+1) Go to your already checked out AOSP TOP_DIR
-Then run:
+2) Re-Initialize and sync the repo using the AOSP/master manifest:
+ `repo sync -j24`
- repo sync -j24