AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-19automated: Improve ltp testcase runNaresh Kamboju
2017-01-19automated: linux: add rt signaltestChase Qi
2017-01-19automated: linux: add rt pi stress testChase Qi
2017-01-19automated: linux: add sysbench testChase Qi
2017-01-18automated: device-tree test fixNaresh Kamboju
2017-01-18automated: linux: add cyclictestChase Qi
2017-01-18automated: sh-test-lib: error_msg: exit with non-zeroChase Qi
2017-01-18automated: linux: add unixbench testChase Qi
2017-01-13Add isolation test, verifies that an appl. is isolated.Ravineet Singh
2017-01-13automated: linux: fix toolchain smoke test on OEChase Qi
2017-01-13Merge "automated: doc: improve "Installing dependence" section"Naresh Kamboju
2017-01-13automated: linux: fix smoke test on OEChase Qi
2017-01-13automated: doc: improve "Installing dependence" sectionChase Qi
2017-01-04nginx-server: server side of the http performance testsJosep Puigdemont
2017-01-04httperf-client: client side of http performance testsJosep Puigdemont return the PCI deviceJosep Puigdemont
2016-12-28Merge "android boottime2: add check for boot timeout problem"Naresh Kamboju
2016-12-22android boottime2: add check for boot timeout problemYongqin Liu
2016-12-15automated: linux: dsdbench: only save stdout to logfileChase Qi
2016-12-08manual: openssl-centos: rewrite openssl rebuild on CentOSFathi Boudra
2016-12-08plans: added support for generatig CSV from test plansMilosz Wasilewski
2016-12-08test-runner: fixed result parsing regexpMilosz Wasilewski
2016-12-08manual: openssh/openssl install yum-utilsNaresh Kamboju
2016-12-08manual: openssh-centos: fix build issueNaresh Kamboju
2016-12-07plans: rpb_ee: fixed test plan namesMilosz Wasilewski
2016-12-07linux: ethernet: fix ping and get default routeNaresh Kamboju
2016-12-07linux: ltp: add net-tools packageNaresh Kamboju
2016-12-06Merge "automated: test-runner: Added support for complex test names"Naresh Kamboju
2016-12-06automated: linux: kernel-compilation: install wgetChase Qi
2016-12-05automated: test-runner: Added support for complex test namesMilosz Wasilewski
2016-12-05automated: libhugetlbfs fix for running on distro kernelMilosz Wasilewski
2016-12-05android bootchart: attach bootchart.tgz only after generatedYongqin Liu
2016-12-02plans: added RPB EE test planMilosz Wasilewski
2016-12-02manual: kvm: fix typoNaresh Kamboju
2016-12-02manual: fix kvm test file download linkChase Qi
2016-12-02automated: linux: enable ltp skipfile parameterChase Qi
2016-12-02test-runner: fix version check for manual testChase Qi
2016-12-01test-runner: save test case name to result filesChase Qi
2016-11-30automated: linux: docker: fix package installation on CentOSChase Qi
2016-11-29test-runner: record default parametersMilosz Wasilewski
2016-11-29Merge "test-runner: added support for test version"Chase Qi
2016-11-29test-runner: added support for test versionMilosz Wasilewski
2016-11-28automated: added Linux libhugetlbfs testNaresh Kamboju
2016-11-28automated: linux: unify mysql password for LAMP and LEMP testsChase Qi
2016-11-28automated: linux: lamp: stop nginx to avoid port conflictChase Qi
2016-11-26android boottime2: improvement on avoiding bad caseYongqin Liu
2016-11-24automated: added Linux Kernel compilation testChase Qi
2016-11-23automated: test-runner: added support for 'parameters' in result parserChase Qi
2016-11-23automated: linux: fix disk partitioning testChase Qi
2016-11-23automated: linux: lamp: bug fixesChase Qi