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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-07android: changed output for art-microbenchmarksMilosz Wasilewski
2015-12-03Android: CTS: Use Pexpect for Fast ModelsChase Qi
2015-12-02Android: Generalize art-microbenchmarks for N9/N5X.Daniel Díaz
2015-11-27Android: CTS: Install dependency packages on hostNaresh Kamboju
2015-11-25Android: added check for tmp file existence in multinode-targetMilosz Wasilewski
2015-11-25Android: art-microbenchmarks install dependency packagesNaresh Kamboju
2015-11-20android/scripts/pm-qa: Update scriptLisa Nguyen
2015-11-19android: art-microbenchmarks: fixed .pkl file pathMilosz Wasilewski
2015-11-18android: art-microbenchmarks: fixed git URL scheme to httpsMilosz Wasilewski
2015-11-13android: cts: optimize adb device checkChase Qi
2015-11-06nexus9: microbenchmarks: reduce operating frequencyVishal Bhoj
2015-11-06Android: cts-host.yaml: build-tools URL configurable in CTSNaresh Kamboju
2015-11-05(HACK) art-microbenchmarks: Remove dependant package installation for nowVishal Bhoj
2015-10-29android/scripts/ remove the gator module checkYongqin Liu
2015-10-28android/cts-host.yaml: export aapt in PATHYongqin Liu
2015-10-20art-microbenchmarks: Record mode as well in resultsVishal Bhoj
2015-10-18art-microbenchmark: parser update to provide shorter test caseVishal Bhoj
2015-10-18art-microbenchmarks: fix path of pkl filesVishal Bhoj
2015-10-18art-microbenchmarks: Fix parserVishal Bhoj
2015-10-16art-microbenchmarks: Fix log locationVishal Bhoj
2015-10-15Android: Fixed ART microbenchmarks host sideMilosz Wasilewski
2015-10-15Android: fixed broken condition in multinode targetMilosz Wasilewski
2015-10-13android: multinode-target: disable kernel messages during critical synchroniz...Tyler Baker
2015-10-09record ubenchmark resultsVishal Bhoj
2015-10-05Android: Add art-microbenchmarksVishal Bhoj
2015-10-05Android: Multinode target side unificationMilosz Wasilewski
2015-09-09Android: CTS: modified multinode CTSMilosz Wasilewski
2015-08-28android: update script for bionic-benchmark testYongqin Liu
2015-07-29android: install libraries to support running 32bit ELF on KVMYongqin Liu
2015-06-22android: Remove obsolete scheduler_testssuitesNaresh Kamboju
2015-05-27pm-qa: Move pm-qa files to Android directoryLisa Nguyen
2015-05-21Android: Add CTS Test for Linaro android images.Botao Sun
2015-05-19android: update tjbench testYongqin Liu
2015-04-21Android: Fixed maitainer metadata for device-tree testAmit Khare
2015-04-10android: install libraries to support running 32bit ELF on KVMYongqin Liu
2015-04-09android/common: clean exit so that LAVA can trust test resultsChase Qi
2015-03-24android: add tests of stringbench and libc-benchYongqin Liu
2015-03-23android: upgrade gtest definitionsChase Qi
2015-03-07add test for bionic-benchmarksYongqin Liu
2015-02-26fix PEP8 issues in python scriptsArthur She
2015-02-25android: fixed lava-android-test-host setupMilosz Wasilewski
2015-02-05android: add test case for gtest based testsChase Qi
2015-01-23Add Juno to Ethernet Android Test Target List.Botao Sun
2015-01-23Revert "lava-android-test-host : adb root"Milosz Wasilewski
2015-01-21lava-android-test-host : adb rootNaresh Kamboju
2015-01-14add bootchart test to collect the bootchart test data as attachmentYongqin Liu
2015-01-06Android: Deletion of Dalvik-vm-unit-tests yaml file.Amit Khare
2014-12-17Media codecs functional test description updatedAmit Khare
2014-12-17Android: Piglit glslparser test description updatedAmit Khare
2014-12-17Android: PiglitGles 3.0 test description updatedAmit Khare