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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-01android: fixed boot_time.shMilosz Wasilewski
2016-08-26android/multinode-target.yaml: get ip address via ifconfigYongqin Liu
2016-08-22android: FS mount time is measured from kernel init finishedMilosz Wasilewski
2016-08-22android: boot time is reported in secondsMilosz Wasilewski
2016-08-16update for boottime testYongqin Liu
2016-07-25android: optee-xtest: added support for result statisticsChase Qi
2016-07-14Merge "android: add adb disconnect to installapk.yaml"Milosz Wasilewski
2016-07-13android: add optee-xtest test suiteChase Qi
2016-07-13android: add adb disconnect to installapk.yamlMilosz Wasilewski
2016-07-06android: added installapk testMilosz Wasilewski
2016-06-30android/multinode-target.yaml: remove all lava-test-case commandYongqin Liu
2016-06-23android/multinode-target.yaml: avoid test case id generationYongqin Liu
2016-06-13android/multinode-target.yaml: embed ping time out in yamlYongqin Liu
2016-06-10android multinode-target.yaml: add check for ip before send ip to hostYongqin Liu
2016-06-07android: multinode-target: fixed sync signallingMilosz Wasilewski
2016-05-18android: microbenchmarks: wait for device to be availableVishal Bhoj
2016-04-22android: Increase heap size for CTS hostMilosz Wasilewski
2016-03-18Merge "microbenchmarks add mode support for nexus5x"Naresh Kamboju
2016-03-18microbenchmarks add mode support for nexus5xVishal Bhoj
2016-03-15android boottime: call -v time for logcat explicitlyYongqin Liu
2016-02-12android: added binutils to art-microbenchmarks depsMilosz Wasilewski
2016-02-04update meminfo test with dumpsys meminfo informationYongqin Liu
2016-01-22android/art-microbenchmarks: fix battery stats dumpVishal Bhoj
2016-01-22android: add meminfo test for collect information in /proc/memino after bootYongqin Liu
2016-01-22android/art-microbenchmarks: dump battery status before and after testsVishal Bhoj
2016-01-21android: fix failing art-microbenchmarks adbMilosz Wasilewski
2016-01-21android: add verbose output to ART configure scriptsMilosz Wasilewski
2016-01-19Ubuntu/Openembedded: Fixed missing metadataAmit Khare
2016-01-12Android: add dependency on python3 to art-microbenchmarksMilosz Wasilewski
2016-01-07android/pm-qa: Update metadataLisa Nguyen
2015-12-07android: changed output for art-microbenchmarksMilosz Wasilewski
2015-12-03Android: CTS: Use Pexpect for Fast ModelsChase Qi
2015-12-02Android: Generalize art-microbenchmarks for N9/N5X.Daniel Díaz
2015-11-27Android: CTS: Install dependency packages on hostNaresh Kamboju
2015-11-25Android: added check for tmp file existence in multinode-targetMilosz Wasilewski
2015-11-25Android: art-microbenchmarks install dependency packagesNaresh Kamboju
2015-11-20android/scripts/pm-qa: Update scriptLisa Nguyen
2015-11-19android: art-microbenchmarks: fixed .pkl file pathMilosz Wasilewski
2015-11-18android: art-microbenchmarks: fixed git URL scheme to httpsMilosz Wasilewski
2015-11-13android: cts: optimize adb device checkChase Qi
2015-11-06nexus9: microbenchmarks: reduce operating frequencyVishal Bhoj
2015-11-06Android: cts-host.yaml: build-tools URL configurable in CTSNaresh Kamboju
2015-11-05(HACK) art-microbenchmarks: Remove dependant package installation for nowVishal Bhoj
2015-10-29android/scripts/ remove the gator module checkYongqin Liu
2015-10-28android/cts-host.yaml: export aapt in PATHYongqin Liu
2015-10-20art-microbenchmarks: Record mode as well in resultsVishal Bhoj
2015-10-18art-microbenchmark: parser update to provide shorter test caseVishal Bhoj
2015-10-18art-microbenchmarks: fix path of pkl filesVishal Bhoj
2015-10-18art-microbenchmarks: Fix parserVishal Bhoj
2015-10-16art-microbenchmarks: Fix log locationVishal Bhoj