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2017-04-28automated: android: add refactored apk-automationMilosz Wasilewski
Change-Id: I5a81b3c4317dc56f90df37c5a8f83d2547542fab Signed-off-by: Milosz Wasilewski <>
2017-04-27automated: android: add monkey test caseerin.liu
Change-Id: I3eeabe9bdeb74cc90d9f49d18359a4d7a304388e Signed-off-by: erin.liu <>
2017-04-11automated: android: migrate boottime2Chase Qi
Migrated from android/boottime2. Most of the code in remain as it was. To keep consistence and cope with v2 structure: * Removed lava-specific steps from test script. * Copied the required functions from android/script/ to Change-Id: I3560fe5dd863a1d32ced14806e852170494ea293 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-04-11automated: android: add media codecs functional testsChase Qi
Change-Id: I7f0a8f2696d09c9c278bacb5d9f7baa9b1918f37 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-04-11microbenchmarks: Pass gerrit id details to post-build-reportVishal Bhoj
Change-Id: I71f4c6b0deb9acc53f2aca426e0dac639532e568 Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <>
2017-04-10add microbenchmarks definitionVishal Bhoj
This job runs ART microbenchmarks scripts hosted here: The job uses adb from latest sdk since the latest adb from master doesn't work well inside container Change-Id: I4f0ed4e7be50306502650b47c9aee670877e71e1 Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <>
2017-03-30Merge "automated: android: migrate piglit-shader-runner"Milosz Wasilewski
2017-03-30Merge "automated: android: migrate piglit-gles3"Milosz Wasilewski
2017-03-30automated: android: migrate piglit-glslparserChase Qi
Change-Id: I481093354cdaeff06779eeb6accf7d8396cebdfc Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-30automated: android: migrate piglit-gles2Chase Qi
Change-Id: I052b4f6b955b3f11a1835ee204acb15a8b45f480 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-29automated: android: add ping testChase Qi
Change-Id: I97485048d10f78fd64c76c6a1aee89c87e2cab48 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-29automated: android: add meminfo testChase Qi
Change-Id: Ifaa744ea67ef3a4985f8afbbb2659c6ce5dcc3e9 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-29automated: android: migrate piglit-shader-runnerChase Qi
Change-Id: Iff4db263a782e1f8a1fdd373a3b8aed04580bae3 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-29automated: android: migrate piglit-gles3Chase Qi
Change-Id: Ic5c54730504baaa83547bd3c29e27b6e8da14011 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-27automated: android: add tjbench testChase Qi
Change-Id: I2cf263408730e9ab59ff8e1d2cf9b1e497636b81 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-27automated: android: add libc-bench testChase Qi
Change-Id: I97fd652fa88f70a873433012ff34618c400b3769 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-27automated: android: add optee xtestChase Qi
Change-Id: Ib542b90c1866edc7dfae6a1091ffb4b88230e32a Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-27android: bionic-benchmarks: fix folder and file pathsChase Qi
Change-Id: I7ef59cd3f97627fd4a7bf53d56452ae87909b3b2 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-27automated: android: add stringbench testChase Qi
Change-Id: Iadb21d6f75c5b40a614d5f29d697933286e78808 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-22automated: android: set and use environmental variable ANDROID_SERIALChase Qi
When ANDROID_SERIAL set, we don't need to use '-s' to specify device serial no. any more. Change-Id: Ide4951c6ab68806a6241b38c3bf001e2e4e15eab Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-21automated: android: add busybox smoke testChase Qi
Change-Id: I4ea462ff2e643d9016c9f2a25d85e14a6deb6fe7 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-21automated: android: add linaro android kernel testsChase Qi
Change-Id: I2957d29e2172d8342bfe7a8a6aba22097601d5fb Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-16automated: android: improve dd speed testChase Qi
Change-Id: Ia8f6e0336b7d141e1079c7b8f1e26b51acfb4e5c Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-16automated: add bionic-libc testsDaniel Díaz
Change-Id: I3dcac7741c0f9aaeb76a9d0eadbc21d5cbf98cfe Signed-off-by: Daniel Díaz <>
2017-03-15cleanup: adjust permissions on YAML filesDaniel Díaz
YAML files need not be executable. Change-Id: Ibddd8f8737edb33082f0c39aed78a8bcfbecab45 Signed-off-by: Daniel Díaz <>
2017-03-07automated: android: handle failed cts test runChase Qi
Change-Id: I907b91ee0670087551f5f61d8ea03a882e3c2208 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-03-06automated: add bionic-benchmarks testDaniel Díaz
Change-Id: Ic2714900764a4d0a13864f5feb4a85c8ef54afc0 Signed-off-by: Daniel Díaz <>
2017-03-02automated: android: cts: use adb from official platform-tools-latestChase Qi
Change-Id: I4c4ee2bf5709edb6b0e2c8c6fdbb8099e2916db2 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-02-23automated/android: add CTS result 'pre-parser'Milosz Wasilewski
CTS xml result file might contain invalid XML characters. For this reason the ElementTree parser fails to read the result file. The invalid characters are now removed before the result is passed to ET parser. Change-Id: I1a88627090aaad493a63dca86b4ecee8f13b45fd Signed-off-by: Milosz Wasilewski <>
2017-02-23automated: android: cts: skip adding backports repo on Debian sidChase Qi
Change-Id: I167868f60463b8138115e89a0a2d397a4beb853a Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2017-02-20automated: android: add cts testChase Qi
Change-Id: I75eb65bc7de03cbe612b33c4ee69d50cfdc6608d Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
2016-09-01v2: android: add dd write/read speed testChase Qi
Change-Id: Ia25948fa61f368da49ade20b315591301bf65071 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>