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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-19automated: android: added disable_suspend functionMilosz Wasilewski
2017-04-12Don't run adb root if adbd is already run as rootVishal Bhoj
2017-04-10fix adb root issueVishal Bhoj
2017-03-27android-test-lib: add parse_common_args()Chase Qi
2017-03-27android-test-lib: run 'adb shell which' with root permissionChase Qi
2017-03-23automated: android: only set permission on the folder/file pushedChase Qi
2017-03-22automated: android-test-lib: add adb_shell_which()Chase Qi
2017-03-22automated: android: set and use environmental variable ANDROID_SERIALChase Qi
2017-03-02automated: android-test-lib: add install_latest_adb() and adb_root() functionsChase Qi
2017-02-22automated: improve android-test-libChase Qi
2017-02-20automated: android: add cts testChase Qi
2017-02-17automated: sh-test-lib: add create_out_dir()Daniel Díaz
2017-02-06automated: use '*' instead of 'unknown' for unsupported distrosChase Qi
2017-01-26automated: sh-test-lib: add check_root() when neededNicolas Dechesne
2017-01-26automated: use pattern matching for rpbFathi Boudra
2017-01-25automated: always convert dist to lower caseFathi Boudra
2017-01-25automated: switch to using ID field for distroNicolas Dechesne
2017-01-25automated: sh-test-lib: add support for /etc/os-release fileNicolas Dechesne
2017-01-25automated: sh-test-lib: do not source /etc/lsb-releaseNicolas Dechesne
2017-01-20automated: sh-test-lib: use warn_msg for step skippingChase Qi
2017-01-19automated: add support for measurements with no unitNicolas Dechesne
2017-01-18automated: sh-test-lib: error_msg: exit with non-zeroChase Qi
2016-11-18lib: Adding new function exit_on_skipNaresh Kamboju
2016-11-18lib: sh-test-lib: remove non POSIX 'local' keywordNaresh Kamboju
2016-10-28v2: sh-test-lib: added support for adding 3rd-party repoChase Qi
2016-10-27v2: sh-test-lib: add run_test_case functionChase Qi
2016-10-27v2: sh-test-lib: add detect_abi functionChase Qi
2016-10-25v2: sh-test-lib: add convert_to_mb functionChase Qi
2016-10-24v2: sh-test-lib: fix shellcheck error on validate_check_sum funtionChase Qi
2016-10-24v2: sh-test-lib: disable shellcheck SC2086 on install_deps functionChase Qi
2016-10-20v2: lib: add pipe0_status functionChase Qi
2016-09-30v2: lib: added skip_list support for exit_on_failChase Qi
2016-09-16v2: lib: update sh-test-libNaresh Kamboju
2016-09-13v2: linux: add openjdk smoke testChase Qi
2016-09-06ui-browser-test: Adding UI browser testingNaresh Kamboju
2016-08-30v2: linux: add dd write/read speed testChase Qi
2016-08-25v2: initial commitChase Qi