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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-15cleanup: adjust permissions on YAML filesDaniel Díaz
2016-08-11common: add disk partitioning testChase Qi
2016-08-08common: add dd write/read speed testChase Qi
2016-06-22kvm-cloud improvementsRiku Voipio
2016-05-20start-kvm: new job to start kvm for pipeline jobsRiku Voipio
2016-05-17common/odp-validation: add install deps gitAnders Roxell
2016-05-10common/odp-validation: remove unnecessary flags to configureAnders Roxell
2016-04-29common/odp-validation: remove wrong variable delimitersAnders Roxell
2016-04-21Ubuntu: added blogbench testChase Qi
2016-04-14ubuntu: add odp-validationAnders Roxell
2016-04-01Add support for the ltp-ddt testsuites for UbuntuEsla
2016-03-31Clean out unnecessary comments relating to ltp-ddtEsla
2016-02-25test-kvm: fixesRiku Voipio
2016-02-24kvm-lava: shut down via poststartRiku Voipio
2016-02-03LTP: fix skipfile for acl_test01Naresh Kamboju
2016-01-19Ubuntu/Openembedded: Fixed missing metadataAmit Khare
2016-01-12Ubuntu: moved to common, to be used by other OS'esRavineet Singh
2016-01-06Common: Added maintainer to dmidecode.yaml filesAmit Khare
2015-12-10common: scheduler_testssuites: update test suite URLNaresh Kamboju : fix apt-get install with -y optionNaresh Kamboju
2015-11-25Android: art-microbenchmarks install dependency packagesNaresh Kamboju
2015-09-24perf-mmap-tests: Added CI test codebase for perf-mmap.Yogesh Tillu
2015-09-10kvm: adjust pathsRiku Voipio
2015-09-08ubuntu: upgrade lkp test definitionChase Qi
2015-09-08common/scripts/parse_lmbench: busybox grep don't support --textAnders Roxell
2015-09-02common: add bonnie.yamlArthur She
2015-08-19ubuntu: ltp: fix out of disk space issueChase Qi
2015-07-09common: add overlay filesystem testChase Qi
2015-07-03scheduler_testssuites: Detect android and non android userspaceNaresh Kamboju
2015-06-26common: gator-data-streaming.yamlArthur She
2015-06-25ubuntu: add odp-ovs and netmap multinode testsCiprian Barbu
2015-06-24ubuntu: add lkp testsChase Qi
2015-06-23common: change name in gator-data-streaming.yamlMilosz Wasilewski
2015-06-18common: iozone.yamlArthur She
2015-06-12common: gator-data-streamingArthur She
2015-06-12kvm: fix unreviewed commitRiku Voipio
2015-06-12kvm-lava: migrate to systemdRiku Voipio
2015-06-10Add support for LTP-DDT tests to existing ltp.yamlesla
2015-06-03sched_tests: Adding scheduler testssuitesNaresh Kamboju
2015-05-27pm-qa: Move pm-qa files to Android directoryLisa Nguyen
2015-04-21Deleting passfail test from common folderAmit Khare increase deadlineRiku Voipio
2015-04-10common: fix kselftest result missingChase Qi
2015-04-09android/common: clean exit so that LAVA can trust test resultsChase Qi
2015-04-02coresight: Adding coresight test definitionsNaresh Kamboju
2015-04-01ubuntu: add vmscale and timedalloc to mmtestsChase Qi
2015-03-26kvm: use UEFI for testsRiku Voipio
2015-03-25ltpfixup: cleanupNaresh Kamboju
2015-03-24ubuntu / openembedded: Fix kselftest-net.yaml problemArthur She
2015-03-23kvm bugfixesRiku Voipio