path: root/openembedded/cyclictest.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-04Openembedded: Cyclictest suite description updatedAmit Khare
2014-05-23Set default cyclictest run time to 2 hrsGary S. Robertson
2013-12-09openembedded: update params to conform to new formatTyler Baker
2013-11-22openembedded/cyclictest: get lantency bounds and running time form lava job p...Vincent Hsu
2013-10-14openembedded/cyclictest: force to run cyclictest on the cpu1Vincent Hsu
2013-10-14Update test definitions metadataMilosz Wasilewski
2013-09-14openembedded/cyclictest: updated cyclictestVincent Hsu
2013-09-05openembedded/cyclictest: fix cyclictest testVincent Hsu
2013-08-15removed prefix rt- to only cyclictest and hackbenchAnders Roxell