BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ashmemtestadd ashmemtestAxel Fagerstedt11 years
bLAdd 4.8 toolchainAxel Fagerstedt10 years
masterExtra projects to match release branchThe Android Open Source Project11 years
panda-jb-gcc47fixupAxel Fagerstedt11 years
refactorRemove tracking-vexpress and tracking-origenAxel Fagerstedt11 years
refactor-2Support tracking-vexpress-tests.xml in tracking.xmlAxel Fagerstedt11 years
refsUse rebased branch for the testsuiteAxel Fagerstedt10 years
sbAnd againAxel Fagerstedt10 years
schedAdd 4.8 toolchainAxel Fagerstedt10 years
test_builderPut sched_tests on wip branchAxel Fagerstedt10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-03-21fixuppanda-jb-gcc47Axel Fagerstedt
2013-03-21Switch 4.1 tracking-panda remote to httpAxel Fagerstedt
2013-03-21Align 4.1 tracking-manifest with 4.2 tracking.xml changesAxel Fagerstedt
2013-02-08manifests: staging-vexpress-tc2-isw: track master branch for kernelVishal Bhoj
2013-02-06manifest: Pull from android-4.2.1_r1.2Amit Pundir
2013-01-29manifests: tracking: Switch to tracking kernel for origenVishal Bhoj
2013-01-24manifest: (All) Update to busybox 1.21Bernhard Rosenkränzer
2013-01-23Remove tracking-vexpress and tracking-origenAxel Fagerstedt
2013-01-22manifest: update pm-qa 2013.01 releaseHongbo Zhang
2013-01-21manifests: staging-vexpress-tc2-isw: track the "next" branchVishal Bhoj