BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ashmemtestadd ashmemtestAxel Fagerstedt9 years
bLAdd 4.8 toolchainAxel Fagerstedt9 years
masterExtra projects to match release branchThe Android Open Source Project9 years
panda-jb-gcc47fixupAxel Fagerstedt9 years
refactorRemove tracking-vexpress and tracking-origenAxel Fagerstedt9 years
refactor-2Support tracking-vexpress-tests.xml in tracking.xmlAxel Fagerstedt9 years
refsUse rebased branch for the testsuiteAxel Fagerstedt9 years
sbAnd againAxel Fagerstedt9 years
schedAdd 4.8 toolchainAxel Fagerstedt9 years
test_builderPut sched_tests on wip branchAxel Fagerstedt9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-06-24Add 4.8 toolchainschedAxel Fagerstedt
2013-05-16Minimal android and testsuite dependenciesAxel Fagerstedt
2013-04-24Manifest for sched test suiteAxel Fagerstedt