AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-02-14manifest: (all) ffmpeg 0.10 is out...Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
2012-02-07iMX6: Use the custom u-boot from the landing teamBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2012-02-07iMX6: Remove copy&paste error from iMX53Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
2012-02-07manifest: Add preliminary iMX6 manifestBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2012-02-02snowball: Moving from kernel 3.1 to 3.2Mathieu J. Poirier
2012-01-31manifests: (All) Add camera halVishal Bhoj
2012-01-25Add Speex component for all Android board manifest files.Botao Sun
2012-01-22manifests: (All) track AOSP + LInaro platform/ctsZach Pfeffer
2012-01-20Fix misplaced review server for linaro-other (it doesn't have any).Paul Sokolovsky
2012-01-21staging-origen.xml: Delete the original speex item from this manifest file.Botao Sun
2012-01-20staging-origen.xml: Add Speex component for audio encode and decode.Botao Sun
2012-01-20staging-origen: update system bluetooth projectAmit Pundir
2012-01-14manifest: landing-panda: update to support hw codecsVishal Bhoj
2012-01-14manifests: (All) switch glmark2 to demo branchZach Pfeffer
2012-01-12manifests: (All) add powertopTony Mansson
2012-01-12manifests: (All) add glmark2Tony Mansson
2012-01-11manifests: (Vexpress) Switch to 3.2 kernel and custom U-BootJon Medhurst
2012-01-10manifests: (All) Use linaro branch of SettingsZach Pfeffer
2012-01-10manifests: (All) Use linaro branch of skiaBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2012-01-09manifests: snowball: Moving landing and staging kernels to 3.1Mathieu J. Poirier
2012-01-08manifests: (All) Use Linaro branch of TremoloBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2012-01-05manifests: (All) Switch branch for wpa_supplicant_8Vishal Bhoj
2012-01-05manifests: (All) Add ti-proprietary binaries projectVishal Bhoj
2011-12-30manifest: (Snowball) Get bionic from linaro_android_4.0.3Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-30manifests: (Snowball/Origen) Get rid of platorm specific branchesBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-30manifests: (Origen/Snowball/Panda): Drop board specific branchesBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-21landing-panda:update manifestVishal Bhoj
2011-12-19landing-panda: Switch to linaro kernel branchBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-17manifest: (All) Update to 4.0.3Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-16manifests: (All) integrate libjpeg-turboChao Yang
2011-12-16manifest: update landing-panda.xmlVishal Bhoj
2011-12-16Merge "manifest: Add landing-panda manifest based on aosp kernel" into linaro...Zach Pfeffer
2011-12-15manifests: (All) correct the path to 0xbenchZach Pfeffer
2011-12-15manifests: (All) Use Linaro version of 0xbenchBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-15manifests: (All) use Linaro branches of bluetooth/bluez and bluetooth/glibBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-15manifest: Add landing-panda manifest based on aosp kernelVishal Bhoj
2011-12-14Revert "landing-snowball: Add b2r2lib.git"Zach Pfeffer
2011-12-14manifest: (All) Use Linaro versions of llvm and clangBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-14landing-snowball: Add b2r2lib.gitPatrik Ryd
2011-12-14manifest: (All) Use Linaro version of exBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-14manifests: (All) Update to ffmpeg 0.9Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-13snowball: hw graphics: fixing typo in platform/system/coreMathieu J. Poirier
2011-12-13snowball: hw graphics: Adding proper branch name for HW graphicsMathieu J. Poirier
2011-12-13staging-origen.xml: use switch to hw accelerationZach Pfeffer
2011-12-13snowball: hw graphics: updating landing manifest for hw graphicsMathieu J. Poirier
2011-12-12Revert "manifest: (All) use linaro_android_4.0.1 branch for libpng"Zach Pfeffer
2011-12-12manifest: (All) use linaro_android_4.0.1 branch for libpngTony Mansson
2011-12-09manifest: (ALL) Add LinaroWallpaper code to buildAndy Doan
2011-12-08manifests: (All) Use Linaro version of libcoreBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2011-12-08manifests: (All) Use Linaro version of opensslBernhard Rosenkraenzer