path: root/tracking-origen-quad.xml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-19update to android-4.2.2_r1.2 tagAmit Pundir
2013-04-18manifest: Origen Quad: Disable native toolchain buildVishal Bhoj
2013-04-18manifest: Pull from android-4.2.2_r1.2Amit Pundir
2013-03-27manifest: Pull glmark2 from its current repositoryBernhard Rosenkränzer
2013-03-27manifest: Use Linaro branch of ValgrindBernhard Rosenkränzer
2013-03-27manifest: Use Linaro branch of gtestBernhard Rosenkränzer
2013-03-27manifest: Use the Linaro branch of bluedroidBernhard Rosenkränzer
2013-03-21manifest: Add developer build functionality to pre-unified manifestsBernhard Rosenkränzer
2013-03-20manifest: add powerdebug toolSanjay Singh Rawat
2013-03-20manifest: tracking-origen-quad changed the kernel branchFahad Kunnatahadi
2013-03-06manifest (All): Switch to http repository accessVishal Bhoj
2013-02-14manifests: use correct aosp tag and delete obsolete projectsAmit Pundir
2013-02-13manifest: Update to Android 4.2.2_r1Amit Pundir
2013-02-06manifest: Pull from android-4.2.1_r1.2Amit Pundir
2013-01-24manifest: (All) Update to busybox 1.21Bernhard Rosenkränzer
2013-01-22manifest: update pm-qa 2013.01 releaseHongbo Zhang
2013-01-16manifest: (All) Add thirdparty-benchmarks and linaro-android-toolsYongqin Liu
2013-01-15manifest: (All) Update busybox in all builds to 1.20Bernhard Rosenkrnzer
2012-12-14manifests: (All): use linaro mirror for all projectsVishal Bhoj
2012-12-13manifest: upgrade powertop to linaro-2012.12 releaseRajagopal Venkat
2012-12-13manifests:(All) pull bluedroid from linaro gitsVishal Bhoj
2012-12-12manifests: tracking-origen-quad: add u-bootVishal Bhoj
2012-12-10manifest: (All) Use ffmpeg from 1.0.1 branchBernhard Rosenkraenzer
2012-12-01manifest: Update to Android 4.2.1_r1Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
2012-11-22manifests:(All) Switch to linaro-jb branch for device/linaro/commonVishal Bhoj
2012-11-20manifests:(All) Fix the location of aibVishal Bhoj
2012-11-20manifest: tracking-origen-quad: Add on 4.2 branchBernhard Rosenkraenzer