AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2010-12-01Merge remote branch 'origin/master'Wolf Bergenheim
2010-12-01Added support for RESMSG_RELEASE message from managerWolf Bergenheim
2010-12-01Merge branch 'master' of ↵Robert Löfman
ssh:// Conflicts: resourceqt-client/client.cpp resourceqt-client/client.h
2010-12-01Implemented suggestions from reviews.Robert Löfman
2010-11-26Changed the update command in resourceqt-client to match resource-client.Robert Löfman
2010-11-26Added connectedToManager() signalRobert Löfman
2010-11-26Added a reference to the developer's guide to fix NB#196834Wolf Bergenheim
2010-11-18Added bool ResourceSet::initAndConnect() so that one can connect without ↵Robert Löfman
2010-11-18Took -i and -v flags into useWolf Bergenheim
2010-11-18Updated usage help and added timings flag -iWolf Bergenheim
2010-11-18Added support for the -p (prefix) flagWolf Bergenheim
2010-11-12Added copyright into doxygenWolf Bergenheim
2010-11-12Bumped versionWolf Bergenheim
2010-11-09Added support for -v flag to turn on debuggingWolf Bergenheim
2010-11-09only emit ResourcesBecameAvailable from advice messageWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-28Force building of doc targetsWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-27Doxygen Version bumpWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-27Version bumpWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-27Using Q_SLOTS instead of slots as per NB#200078Wolf Bergenheim
2010-10-27Fixed a typo in client.cpp, VideoRegording->VideoRecordingJussi Kinnula
2010-10-20fixed miss by 1000 in time calculationsWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-20Bumped version in .pc filesWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-20Updated documentation and bumped versionWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-20Added support for make dist in rootWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-20build documentation automaticallyWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-20Also generate man pages and xml formatted documentationWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-20Added support for -i flag, but ignoring itWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-20Updated documentationWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-20Using long integer only math in counting for performanceWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-05Added timing for the addaudio commandWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-01Added documentation for audioProtpertiesChanged signalWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-23Fixed test scriptWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-22Tagged files with LGPL (except for mediaoverrides, since it will be replaced)Wolf Bergenheim
2010-09-21Rewrote constructor to no use other constructor. (Fixes: NB#193007)Wolf Bergenheim
2010-09-20Added compatibility constructor (Fixes: NB#193007)Wolf Bergenheim
2010-09-17Revert "Modified testrunner to citesting in to fix broken tests"Nippan Singam
This reverts commit 8c72494ea4cb0e41fb3ffec1a42887914b37d228.
2010-09-17Modified testrunner to citesting in to fix broken testsNippan Singam
2010-09-16Updated documentationWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-16Final unification changesWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-10Merge remote branch 'origin/master'Wolf Bergenheim
2010-09-10Fixed TyposWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-09astyleWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-09System includes before local includesWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-09Changed timer to return ms as a long intWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-09Turned off verbosity and fixed -d compatibilityWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-08Using QSocketNotifier instead of select + timer to get user input asynchronouslyWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-06Replaced printf with QTextStreamWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-06Added support for giving AlwaysReply and AutoRelease in the ctorWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-06* Moved CommandLineParser to its own filesWolf Bergenheim
* Removed broken timer, replaced it with a simpler timer made in C * Sanitized the use of resources (Use Qt types instead of custom bitmap) * Added a MessageHandler so we can later play with verbosity level
2010-09-06Added debugWolf Bergenheim