path: root/libdbus-qeventloop/dbusconnectioneventloop.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-10-27Using Q_SLOTS instead of slots as per NB#200078Wolf Bergenheim
2010-09-22Tagged files with LGPL (except for mediaoverrides, since it will be replaced)Wolf Bergenheim
2010-07-23Added accessor for classInstance for the camera guys.Krisztian Litkey
2010-04-07dbus-qeventloop updateMartin Wolf
2010-02-12Slots are private nowMartin Wolf
2010-02-11astyled the codeWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-08Updated comments, fixed unit testsMartin Wolf
2010-02-08Small refactoring, added unit testsMartin Wolf
2010-02-04Automated tests for libdbus-qeventloopMartin Wolf
2010-02-03Added debian packaging info and libdbus-qeventloop libraryMartin Wolf