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2010-10-28Merge branch 'master' into meegoWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-28Force building of doc targetsWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-20Merge branch 'master' into yuugoWolf Bergenheim
2010-10-20build documentation automaticallyWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-23manual changes to spec fileWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-22Tagged files with LGPL (except for mediaoverrides, since it will be replaced)Wolf Bergenheim
2010-08-05Renamed libresource-overridesqt => libmediaoverridesqtWolf Bergenheim
2010-07-05Added libresource-overridesqtWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-25Fixed ResourceSet signals QList<ResourcePolicy::ResourceType> to listWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-12Added Qt resource clientMartin Wolf
2010-02-09Restructured libresourceqt includes, updated debianpackages to soversion=1.Wolf Bergenheim
2010-02-02directory structure changesWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-01Added ResourceEngine and fixed ResourceSet to workWolf Bergenheim
2010-01-29Refactored Resource into multiple classesWolf Bergenheim
2010-01-21Refactored ResourceWolf Bergenheim
2009-12-31Added libplayback tests, which run through the the whole library.Wolf Bergenheim
2009-12-30Initial commitWolf Bergenheim