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2010-09-23manual changes to spec fileWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-23.yaml and .spec fileWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-22removed non-MeeGo stuffWolf Bergenheim
2010-09-22Tagged files with LGPL (except for mediaoverrides, since it will be replaced)Wolf Bergenheim
2010-09-17Revert "Modified testrunner to citesting in to fix broken tests"Nippan Singam
2010-09-17Modified testrunner to citesting in to fix broken testsNippan Singam
2010-08-31Added security-related changes such as error signal in resource engineVsevolod Buzinov
2010-07-27Added header file for bug 181631Nippan Singam
2010-07-05Added initial version of the demo playerVsevolod Buzinov
2010-07-05Fixed the headset buttons-related typo in test-resource-setVsevolod Buzinov
2010-06-28merging with the swp.plcy-357-harmattan branchJanos Kovacs
2010-06-10Fixed test-resource-engine (replaced session bus with system bus as required ...Vsevolod Buzinov
2010-06-10Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Buzinov
2010-05-28Removed libresourceqt-performace-tests packageMartin Wolf
2010-05-26Added test-memory-leaks, not built by the root makefileVsevolod Buzinov
2010-05-17Removed build warningsMartin Wolf
2010-05-17fixed compiler warnings about unused parametersWolf Bergenheim
2010-05-17Added performance testsMartin Wolf
2010-04-27fixed testsWolf Bergenheim
2010-04-27Added mutexes to make all libresourceqt usage atomicWolf Bergenheim
2010-04-21Fixed destructorWolf Bergenheim
2010-04-07dbus-qeventloop updateMartin Wolf
2010-03-19Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Wolf
2010-03-19Updated DBus configuration for tests, moved header file for dbus-qeventloop t...Martin Wolf
2010-02-26fixed audio testsWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-25Fixed ResourceSet signals QList<ResourcePolicy::ResourceType> to listWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-22Updated tests.xml fileMartin Wolf
2010-02-22Added wrapper for test-resource-engineWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-22Added testReleaseWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-22Fixed acquire testWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-22Fixed tests to workWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-19Updated testsWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-19implemented the 'audio' featuresWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-17Implemented release, update and related callbacks (grant, release, lostWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-15Fixed acquireWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-15Integrated Engine and Set and DBusQEventLoop togetherWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-12Implemented acquireWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-11API cleanup based on comments from KimmoWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-11astyled the codeWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-11Added tests for ResourceEngine::acquire()Wolf Bergenheim
2010-02-10Fixed Resource, and users of ResourceWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-10Merge commit 'origin/master'Wolf Bergenheim
2010-02-10bug fixesWolf Bergenheim
2010-02-10Updated subfeatures in tests.xml fileMartin Wolf
2010-02-09implemented ResourceEngine::disconnect()Wolf Bergenheim
2010-02-09Merge commit 'origin/master'Wolf Bergenheim
2010-02-09Restructured libresourceqt includes, updated debianpackages to soversion=1.Wolf Bergenheim
2010-02-08Updated comments, fixed unit testsMartin Wolf
2010-02-08Added dbus-qeventloop runner scriptMartin Wolf
2010-02-08Small refactoring, added unit testsMartin Wolf