AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-12don't compile aepd and libwebsocketHEADmasterVincent Guittot
2016-01-08configure: change channel percentage_error_ref to channel numberAlex Shi
2015-12-18align to libwebsockets api v1.6.0Andy Green
2015-10-19remove needless fdatasyncAndy Green
2014-12-14fix config parsingAndy Green
2014-12-14update websockets apiAndy Green
2013-12-16provide sane interpolation endpoints at 12VAndy Green
2013-12-14update for lws api changeAndy Green
2013-09-17add html autozero buttonAndy Green
2013-05-06convert to use by idAndy Green
2013-05-06update READMEAndy Green
2013-03-07Configuration parsing fixMircea Carausu
2013-03-07update copyright noticeAndy Green
2013-02-12update for libwebsocket 1.2 api changesAndy Green
2013-01-23update for libwebsocket api changesAndy Green
2012-11-10fix not all channels declaredAndy Green
2012-11-08add missing indicatorsAndy Green
2012-10-31Added initial .gitignore fileNicolas Dechesne
2012-10-31allow dragging scrollbarAndy Green
2012-10-31fix scroll extentsAndy Green
2012-10-22skip trying to get canonical server name at startupAndy Green
2012-10-22remove capture averaging from library add to arm probeAndy Green
2012-10-22refactor separate non aep specific stuffAndy Green
2012-10-20introduce trigger level selectionAndy Green
2012-10-19follow libwebsocket context api changeAndy Green
2012-10-19aepd: fix build issue on 32-bit machineNicolas Dechesne
2012-10-19allow rail view selection by clicking on colour key plus prettifyAndy Green
2012-10-19rounded cs3 for main divsAndy Green
2012-10-19fix the race causing the buffer overwriteAndy Green
2012-10-19caliper local storage fix make sample buffer use more defensiveAndy Green
2012-10-19use html5 css3 fix noise samples at start and end of ringbufferAndy Green
2012-10-19clean out debugging noiseAndy Green
2012-10-19add fstack protector to everythingAndy Green
2012-10-19fix noninteger scroll offsetAndy Green
2012-10-19set META language to stop autotranslateAndy Green
2012-10-19add FORTIFY_SOURCE everywhereAndy Green
2012-10-19fix another ignored retval on writeAndy Green
2012-10-19skip most lws service if zero channels or caliper range badAndy Green
2012-10-19fix compile warnings under ubuntuAndy Green
2012-10-17add measuring calipersAndy Green
2012-10-15add graticules and time scrollingAndy Green
2012-10-15add rail table to aepscopeAndy Green
2012-10-15send channel metadata on websocketAndy Green
2012-10-15introduce aepdAndy Green
2012-10-15optimize correction moreAndy Green
2012-10-14config allow virtual summing supplies in configAndy Green
2012-10-14config add channel class fieldAndy Green
2012-10-12change process name of aep service forkAndy Green
2012-10-12use semaphore name unique to sessionAndy Green
2012-10-12refactor sample.c into protocol.c and service.cAndy Green