BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Add support for hw_tag and results_idChristophe Lyon22 months
diana/flang-woaFirst attempt to add flangDiana Picus4 months
diana/release/11.0.0Increase memory allocation for build containersDiana Picus21 months
diana/release/13.0.0Revert "Don't install clang-10"Diana Picus9 months
diana/release/ Add CMAKE_C_COMPILER_TARGETDiana Picus2 months
diana/release/python2%wipInstall python2 so we can build llvm 11.1.0-rc2 etcDiana Picus16 months Use ssh port specified in .ssh/configMaxim Kuvyrkov4 days
omair/release/ Fix compiler typoMuhammad Omair Javaid9 months
omair/release/14.0.0Add compatibility version to second stage tooDiana Picus3 months
testedtcwg-report-stale-jobs: enhance automatic detectionLaurent Alfonsi4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor Better handle regressions in merges commitsmaximMaxim Kuvyrkov Avoid absolute paths in manifestsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fetch in reproduction instructionsMaxim Kuvyrkov Improve run_step functionality.Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix bisection of GCC regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-01-22tcwg_kernel-bisect: Generalize bisect script for use in tcwg_bmk projectMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-01-22tcwg_kernel*: Correct names of *_rev variables.Maxim Kuvyrkov Re-arrange code.Maxim Kuvyrkov Improve handling of git-bisect edge casesMaxim Kuvyrkov Re-write linux-next workaround as a loop.Maxim Kuvyrkov