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downloadjenkins-scripts-bmk-cmp.tar.gz New script for tcwg-benchmark-results-compare job.bmk-cmp
This script processes result files from tcwg-benchmark job, compares them to a reference and generates a comparison table. Jenkins passes pointers to results via resultref and resultseval parameters. The syntax is the rsync-friendly syntax used in the other related scripts and jobs. This script calls from this repo to convert raw results into csv files, and then calls a comparison script in bmk-scripts to compare the two time.csv files. Change-Id: I44500448827700556886e85776cc007be936fd47
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+# Clean: shellcheck -e 2001 ./
+set -ex
+# Make shellcheck happy and workaround Jenkins not defining variables
+# for empty arguments.
+rm -rf results results-ref artifacts artifacts-ref
+# Prepare reference results
+resultsdest=$resultsref ./
+mv artifacts artifacts-ref
+# Prepare these results
+rm -rf results
+resultsdest=$resultseval ./
+bmk-scripts/ -u time -f 2:1:3 -D /,/ artifacts-ref/time.csv artifacts/time.csv