AgeCommit message (Expand)Author New script for tcwg-benchmark-results-comp...bmk-cmpChristophe Lyon Cleanup.Maxim Kuvyrkov Add support for our new tcwg-tk1-09 board.Christophe Lyon Also fetch gerrit changesets in clone_or_update_repo.Maxim Kuvyrkov
2017-05-31TestRelease.job: Fix typo.Maxim Kuvyrkov Avoid stale containersMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix permissions.Maxim Kuvyrkov Enable setting resultsdest from a parent jobMaxim Kuvyrkov New script for tcwg-benchmark-results job.Maxim Kuvyrkov Make print_node_with_least_container more robustMaxim Kuvyrkov Build on least-busy x86_64 builder by defaultMaxim Kuvyrkov Remove gcc.git~master directory before starting.Christophe Lyon Cleanup workdir before starting.Christophe Lyon
2017-05-31TestRelease.job: Use jenkins helper to clone repoMaxim Kuvyrkov
2017-05-31TestRelease.job: Add support for wildcards in --tarball optionMaxim Kuvyrkov
2017-05-30tcwg-llvm-*: Function to find projects with a branchRenato Golin Add list of projects to considerRenato Golin
2017-05-26wget_wildcard_url: Don't check certificate for *.tcwglab hosts.Maxim Kuvyrkov Use parameters from environmentMaxim Kuvyrkov Use llc for target nameRenato Golin Work around cmake quotingRenato Golin Better validation of empty argumentsRenato Golin Adding --cmakeflags optionRenato Golin Use unique configs for SPEC2k6.Maxim Kuvyrkov Consistently use "set -euf -o pipefail".Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix path to remote sysroot.Maxim Kuvyrkov Add missing option.Maxim Kuvyrkov Use wget_wildcard_urlMaxim Kuvyrkov Handle extra options to wget_wildcard_urlMaxim Kuvyrkov Add wget_wildcard_url helperMaxim Kuvyrkov Improve clone_or_update_repo.Maxim Kuvyrkov Collect .sum files only if --runtests was provided.Christophe Lyon Remove use of Jenkins env variables.Christophe Lyon Handle --sysroot tarball.Maxim Kuvyrkov Handle --toolchain_url ssh://builder:ccprefixMaxim Kuvyrkov Pass run_profile to bmk-scriptsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2017-05-22tcwg-benchmark: Move code around to prepare for new features.Maxim Kuvyrkov
2017-05-22tcwg-benchmark: Remove useless parameterMaxim Kuvyrkov
2017-05-19tcwg-llvm-*: Only clone the repos that have the specified branchRenato Golin Source jenkins-helper.shMaxim Kuvyrkov Rsync bmk-scripts to the boardMaxim Kuvyrkov New helper to clone/update repos.Maxim Kuvyrkov Handle more parameters.Maxim Kuvyrkov, start-container-*.sh: Remove unneeded optionMaxim Kuvyrkov Make shellcheck cleanMaxim Kuvyrkov remote_exec in ${prefix}container_execMaxim Kuvyrkov Add remote_exec helperMaxim Kuvyrkov Make sure to not use uninitialized variables.Maxim Kuvyrkov Add missing shebang.Maxim Kuvyrkov Add processing of arguments.Maxim Kuvyrkov