AgeCommit message (Expand)Author Add support for hw_tag and results_idbmk-stm32Christophe Lyon Add support for bench_listChristophe Lyon Cleanup, add support for cflags, ldflags and forceins...Christophe Lyon Do not start build containerChristophe Lyon Build and run benchmark from $WORKSPACE/bmk-scriptsChristophe Lyon Run remote commands in WORKSPACEChristophe Lyon Fix ccprefixChristophe Lyon Use the right remote pwdChristophe Lyon Add debug tracesChristophe Lyon Fix typo in container session-nameChristophe Lyon Force session-name for benchmark containerChristophe Lyon Add support for .bz2 toolchain tarballsChristophe Lyon Start build container with verbose flagChristophe Lyon New scriptChristophe Lyon Compress testsuite logs to save disk spaceMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-07-29MakeRelease.job: Fix use of port 22 to upload binary tarballs/take #2Christophe Lyon
2020-07-29MakeRelease.job: Fix use of port 22 to upload binary tarballsChristophe Lyon
2020-07-10MakeRelease.job: Use port 22 to upload binary tarballsChristophe Lyon Post jira comments for tcwg_{binutils, cross, gnu}Maxim Kuvyrkov Skip builds that couldn't finish benchmarkingMaxim Kuvyrkov Move power-cycling code here from .yaml filesMaxim Kuvyrkov Gracefully handle benchmarking board going offlineMaxim Kuvyrkov Use results comparison scripts from gcc-compare-resultsChristophe Lyon Fix check_regressionMaxim Kuvyrkov Workaround missing benchmarking resultsMaxim Kuvyrkov For all .sum files also copy matching .log filesMaxim Kuvyrkov Handle containers stuck in restart loopMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix order of cross-toolchain buildMaxim Kuvyrkov Add *-build_cross and *-check_cross configurationsMaxim Kuvyrkov Put LLDB bots on tcwg-amp-05Maxim Kuvyrkov Assert that the task parameter has an acceptable v...Christophe Lyon Update bot names (fixup)Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix shellcheck warningsMaxim Kuvyrkov Update bot names to match zorgMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-06-01tcwg-llvm-release: Use port 22 for copying binariesDiana Picus Fix more missing instance of passing $bad_urlMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix linux-next rebase workaroundMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix references to $linux_urlMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix shellcheck warningsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-05-29round-robin*.sh: Pass component URL alongside component branchesMaxim Kuvyrkov Use implicit baseline when triggering bisectMaxim Kuvyrkov Add compatibility with older baseline resultsMaxim Kuvyrkov Rework details of arm/thumb mode selectionMaxim Kuvyrkov Simplify "check" logic of build_abe()Maxim Kuvyrkov Adjust build scoresMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix loop waiting for benchmarking to finishMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix detection of build failureMaxim Kuvyrkov Move aarch64 full and global-isel botsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix one more artifact in build_abe()Maxim Kuvyrkov Move full and global-isel bots to AmperesMaxim Kuvyrkov