AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-24Increase memory allocation for build containersdiana/release/11.0.0Diana Picus
2020-08-24tcwg-llvm-release: Deal with flang and mlirDiana Picus Compress testsuite logs to save disk spaceMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-07-29MakeRelease.job: Fix use of port 22 to upload binary tarballs/take #2Christophe Lyon
2020-07-29MakeRelease.job: Fix use of port 22 to upload binary tarballsChristophe Lyon
2020-07-10MakeRelease.job: Use port 22 to upload binary tarballsChristophe Lyon Post jira comments for tcwg_{binutils, cross, gnu}Maxim Kuvyrkov Skip builds that couldn't finish benchmarkingMaxim Kuvyrkov Move power-cycling code here from .yaml filesMaxim Kuvyrkov Gracefully handle benchmarking board going offlineMaxim Kuvyrkov Use results comparison scripts from gcc-compare-resultsChristophe Lyon Fix check_regressionMaxim Kuvyrkov Workaround missing benchmarking resultsMaxim Kuvyrkov For all .sum files also copy matching .log filesMaxim Kuvyrkov Handle containers stuck in restart loopMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix order of cross-toolchain buildMaxim Kuvyrkov Add *-build_cross and *-check_cross configurationsMaxim Kuvyrkov Put LLDB bots on tcwg-amp-05Maxim Kuvyrkov Assert that the task parameter has an acceptable v...Christophe Lyon Update bot names (fixup)Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix shellcheck warningsMaxim Kuvyrkov Update bot names to match zorgMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-06-01tcwg-llvm-release: Use port 22 for copying binariesDiana Picus Fix more missing instance of passing $bad_urlMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix linux-next rebase workaroundMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix references to $linux_urlMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix shellcheck warningsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-05-29round-robin*.sh: Pass component URL alongside component branchesMaxim Kuvyrkov Use implicit baseline when triggering bisectMaxim Kuvyrkov Add compatibility with older baseline resultsMaxim Kuvyrkov Rework details of arm/thumb mode selectionMaxim Kuvyrkov Simplify "check" logic of build_abe()Maxim Kuvyrkov Adjust build scoresMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix loop waiting for benchmarking to finishMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix detection of build failureMaxim Kuvyrkov Move aarch64 full and global-isel botsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix one more artifact in build_abe()Maxim Kuvyrkov Move full and global-isel bots to AmperesMaxim Kuvyrkov (build_abe): Pass "--disable update" to ABEMaxim Kuvyrkov Spickett Correct scope of build retDavid Spickett Always write benchmark results_id fileDavid Spickett Fix "bootstrap check" build stepDavid Spickett Fix run_step starting step logicDavid Spickett Handle corrupted repos in clone_or_update_repo_no_checkoutMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-05-18tcwg_bmk-build/tcwg_gnu-build: Add traceback printingDavid Spickett Only try to remove containers that existDavid Spickett Fix cleanup of $WORKSPACE/.lockMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix log_url unbound errorDavid Spickett Clarify HANDLING failure messageDavid Spickett