AgeCommit message (Expand)Author Better handle regressions in merges commitsmaximMaxim Kuvyrkov Avoid absolute paths in manifestsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fetch in reproduction instructionsMaxim Kuvyrkov Improve run_step functionality.Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix bisection of GCC regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-01-22tcwg_kernel-bisect: Generalize bisect script for use in tcwg_bmk projectMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-01-22tcwg_kernel*: Correct names of *_rev variables.Maxim Kuvyrkov Re-arrange code.Maxim Kuvyrkov Improve handling of git-bisect edge casesMaxim Kuvyrkov Re-write linux-next workaround as a loop.Maxim Kuvyrkov Re-arrange code in linux-next workaroundMaxim Kuvyrkov Cleanup handling of $good_rev.Maxim Kuvyrkov Update reproduction instructionsMaxim Kuvyrkov Re-arrange code.Maxim Kuvyrkov Put bisect test script into artifacts/Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix manifest handling in reproducer runsMaxim Kuvyrkov Simplify handling of artifact directoriesMaxim Kuvyrkov Remove --confirm_failure optionMaxim Kuvyrkov Improve comment.Maxim Kuvyrkov Simplify reproduction logicMaxim Kuvyrkov Make clone_repo clean repos during bisect buildsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-01-21round-robin.h: Record correct sha1 of base-artifacts/ in manifestMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-01-21jenkins-helpers: Enable clone_or_update_repo to fetch single branchMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix fresh_dir and use it in git_cleanMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-01-18TestRelease.job: execute all tests, update diagnostic format.Christophe Lyon Switch to official LLVM git mirrorMaxim Kuvyrkov Update https:// links to artifactsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix "git gc" in clone_or_update_repoMaxim Kuvyrkov Speed-up "git gc" in clone_or_update_repoMaxim Kuvyrkov Simplify artifacts/ directory handlingMaxim Kuvyrkov Handle bisect corner-casesMaxim Kuvyrkov Stabilize kernel build for ccacheMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix linux-next workaroundMaxim Kuvyrkov Create symlinks for moved filesMaxim Kuvyrkov Implement stack logic for __manifest_fileMaxim Kuvyrkov Workaround stale "git gc" lock.Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix typo in reset_artifactsMaxim Kuvyrkov Change in correct directory directoryMaxim Kuvyrkov Simplify handling of email bodyMaxim Kuvyrkov Update handling of build-nameMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix handling of manifest filesMaxim Kuvyrkov Add support to reproduce bisects.Maxim Kuvyrkov New helper fresh_dirMaxim Kuvyrkov Handle git-bisect's smartness.Maxim Kuvyrkov Try harder to bisect linux-next failuresMaxim Kuvyrkov Cleanup.Maxim Kuvyrkov Send emails with useful info when bisect failsMaxim Kuvyrkov Make sure manifest declares variables in the global nam...Maxim Kuvyrkov Run "git gc" when updating git repos.Maxim Kuvyrkov Add "^^ true/false" switch to manifest handlingMaxim Kuvyrkov