AgeCommit message (Expand)Author Update after merge.tcwg_gnuMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-03-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/master' into tcwg_gnuMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-03-06Use APM boards for cross-testing.Christophe Lyon
2019-03-04Avoid passing --enable bootstrap for specialized bootstrap configs.Prathamesh Kulkarni Report failure to kill stale ssh-agent proc...Christophe Lyon Fix linux-next rebase workaround for gnu buildsMaxim Kuvyrkov Handle bisecting between branches/tagsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix thinkoMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-28Add support for bootstrap-O1, bootstrap-lto and bootstrap-debug configs.Prathamesh Kulkarni
2019-02-28Change rr[ci_project] to tcwg_gnu instead of tcwg_bmk.Prathamesh Kulkarni
2019-02-26tcwg-dev-build: Enable builds using manifestsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix volume cleanupMaxim Kuvyrkov Restrict linking with LLD to defconfigMaxim Kuvyrkov Use LLD for LLVM Linux kernel link jobsPeter Smith Add LLD to the linux kernel round-robin buildPeter Smith Update build step nameMaxim Kuvyrkov Add boot-testing of kernelMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-22Trivial cleanupsMaxim Kuvyrkov Simplify run_step* functionsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix base-artifacts grooming in update_baselineMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix rsync in update_baseline.Maxim Kuvyrkov Remove stale locks in git repos.Maxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-19convert_args_to_variables: Document "==" syntaxDiana Picus Fix assertsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix handling of spurious failuresMaxim Kuvyrkov Add asserts to troubleshoot strange failuresMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-18[rr-many 6/N] Improve update_baselineMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-18[rr-many 5/N] Update update_baselineMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-18[rr-many 4/N] Update push_baseline()Maxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-18[rr-many 3/N] Rework trigger files for follow-up builds.Maxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-18[rr-many 2/N] Update and simplify clone_repo()Maxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-18[rr-many 1/N]: Support testing multiple projects in the same buildMaxim Kuvyrkov Detect linker and make errors in the logsMaxim Kuvyrkov Use rr[ci_config] instead of its sub-itemsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-14Merge branch 'master' into tcwg_gnuPrathamesh Kulkarni
2019-02-14Set run_step_status to 0 before running step.Prathamesh Kulkarni
2019-02-13tcwg-update-llvmbot-containers: Don't start silent bots by defaultDiana Picus
2019-02-12s/ubsan_bootstrap/bootstrap_ubsan and pass --enable bootstrap in build_abe.Prathamesh Kulkarni
2019-02-12Merge branch 'master' into tcwg_gnuPrathamesh Kulkarni Workaround DNS issueMaxim Kuvyrkov Support custom docker root dirsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-07tcwg_kernel-*.sh: Avoid proxy variablesMaxim Kuvyrkov Ssh directly to the benchmark board.Maxim Kuvyrkov Rework and cleanup.Maxim Kuvyrkov Support using ABE's internal sources in build_abeMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix typoMaxim Kuvyrkov Add support for handling new configurationsMaxim Kuvyrkov Improve remote_execMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-07Remove uses of results_id and BUILD_NUMBER.Prathamesh Kulkarni
2019-02-05Add tcwg_gnu-build and modify build_abe to support bootstrap.Prathamesh Kulkarni