AgeCommit message (Expand)Author Don't do 2-stage GCC build in native configurationsMaxim Kuvyrkov Update component list for tcwg_gnu_cross_* ci_projectsMaxim Kuvyrkov Handle a row of skipped commits in a bisectionMaxim Kuvyrkov Rebase on gcc-compare-results:master before pushingMaxim Kuvyrkov (build_abe): Improve check_gdb workaroundMaxim Kuvyrkov (fresh_dir): Handle GDB testsuite leaving filesMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix GDB parallelization workaroundMaxim Kuvyrkov, Fix shellcheck warningsMaxim Kuvyrkov Optimize reducing regressions down to componentsMaxim Kuvyrkov (build_abe): Fix thinkoMaxim Kuvyrkov (build_abe): Limit GDB testsuites to 16-thread parallelismMaxim Kuvyrkov Use custom ABE branch for GDB testingMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix and improve uses of print_gnu_targetMaxim Kuvyrkov Share ccache between builds on different executorsMaxim Kuvyrkov Clean sysroot when re-building linux headers or glibcMaxim Kuvyrkov Don't special-case linux sourcesMaxim Kuvyrkov Update settings for tcwg_gnu_* ci_projectsMaxim Kuvyrkov Update settings for tcwg_gnu_native_* ci_projectsMaxim Kuvyrkov Update handling of .xfail filesMaxim Kuvyrkov Update ci_project namesMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix sed commandMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix assertion for cross-testing using QEMUMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix typoMaxim Kuvyrkov Update settings per ci_projectMaxim Kuvyrkov Move LLDB bots to silent masterMuhammad Omair Javaid (build_abe): Don't build documentationMaxim Kuvyrkov Move "rr" declaration earlierMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix LTO benchmarkingMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-08-04print_arch_for_label: Add support for tcwg-armv8_32 and tcwg-armv8_64Christophe Lyon Run in just-copied ~tcwg-benchmark/bmk-scriptsMaxim Kuvyrkov UpdateMaxim Kuvyrkov Update parameters to benchmark()Maxim Kuvyrkov
2021-08-02tcwg-benchmark-results.broken-list: Update broken listMaxim Kuvyrkov Better handle spurious regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix benchmarking on tcwg-apm-*Maxim Kuvyrkov, Support benchmarking on APMsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-07-30Move LLDB bots to Jade-04Muhammad Omair Javaid Move buildkite bots back to Jade-04David Spickett
2021-07-29Revert " Move buildkite bots to Jade 04"David Spickett Revert part of 591a8fa69de47fdc3876187e0783dc40e32...Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix handling of ccprefix for rsync:// protocolMaxim Kuvyrkov Stop using $BUILD_NUMBERMaxim Kuvyrkov Improve verbosity handlingMaxim Kuvyrkov CleanupMaxim Kuvyrkov Swap toolchain preparation and board preparationMaxim Kuvyrkov Add bits from tcwg-benchmark-bare.shMaxim Kuvyrkov Correct "normal" to "buildkite" master nameDavid Spickett Replace missing ;;David Spickett Move buildkite bots to Jade 04David Spickett Do not reboot dev-02 machines for bare-metal benchmarkingMaxim Kuvyrkov