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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author Disable bisections of testsuite failuresMaxim Kuvyrkov Conserve disk space in artifactsMaxim Kuvyrkov Handle failures to parse resultsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix ERRORs creeping into flaky XFAILsMaxim Kuvyrkov Build binutils in tcwg_gcc_bootstrap ci_projectMaxim Kuvyrkov Don't do 2-stage GCC build in native configurationsMaxim Kuvyrkov Update component list for tcwg_gnu_cross_* ci_projectsMaxim Kuvyrkov Optimize reducing regressions down to componentsMaxim Kuvyrkov Clean sysroot when re-building linux headers or glibcMaxim Kuvyrkov Don't special-case linux sourcesMaxim Kuvyrkov Update settings for tcwg_gnu_* ci_projectsMaxim Kuvyrkov Update settings for tcwg_gnu_native_* ci_projectsMaxim Kuvyrkov Update handling of .xfail filesMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix typoMaxim Kuvyrkov Update settings per ci_projectMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-07-21round-robin scripts: Merge <foo>_url and <foo>_branch into <foo>_gitMaxim Kuvyrkov Update after adding binutils to bootstrap configsMaxim Kuvyrkov Build binutils for native GCC testingMaxim Kuvyrkov Add type_of_test:check_gccMaxim Kuvyrkov, Ignore ERRORs in partial test runsMaxim Kuvyrkov Rely on to detect regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov Auto-generate lists of flaky GCC testsMaxim Kuvyrkov Ignore progressions in bisectionsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix broken pipe from "head"Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix format of trigger-bisect fileMaxim Kuvyrkov Don't count extra or missing .sum files as failuresMaxim Kuvyrkov Bisect by running only testsuites with new failuresMaxim Kuvyrkov Compare results using validate_failures.pyMaxim Kuvyrkov Use Linaro's DejaGnu branchMaxim Kuvyrkov Avoid huge lists in results.regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov Add missing ";;"Maxim Kuvyrkov
2020-12-15Revert "tcwg_{bmk,gnu,kernel} Update to not override passed rr[comp...Maxim Kuvyrkov
2020-12-15tcwg_{bmk,gnu,kernel} Update to not override passed rr[components]Maxim Kuvyrkov Reduce pass thresholdMaxim Kuvyrkov Use results comparison scripts from gcc-compare-resultsChristophe Lyon Fix order of cross-toolchain buildMaxim Kuvyrkov Add *-build_cross and *-check_cross configurationsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix shellcheck warningsMaxim Kuvyrkov Simplify "check" logic of build_abe()Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix detection of build failureMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-05-18tcwg_bmk-build/tcwg_gnu-build: Add traceback printingDavid Spickett
2020-04-28Shellcheck fixes round 3David Spickett
2020-04-23Shellcheck fixes round 2David Spickett Don't overwrite existing GCC repoMaxim Kuvyrkov Merge info from "regressions.txt" to "results"Maxim Kuvyrkov Avoid changing top-level artifacts in no_regression_p predicateMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix URL for GCC repoChristophe Lyon Fix check_binutils comparisonChristophe Lyon
2020-02-18Round-robin scripts: improve regression email contentsChristophe Lyon Make top_artifacts is an absolute directoryChristophe Lyon