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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author (no_regression_p): Simplify, use no_build_regression_pMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix bisection of binutils failure in LLVM ci_configsMaxim Kuvyrkov, Fix shellcheck warningsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix and improve uses of print_gnu_targetMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-07-21round-robin scripts: Merge <foo>_url and <foo>_branch into <foo>_gitMaxim Kuvyrkov Refactor ccache logicMaxim Kuvyrkov Speed up bisections of qemu regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix metric setting for qemu buildMaxim Kuvyrkov Use LLD for all LLVM configurationsMaxim Kuvyrkov Use GNU Binutils for LLVM buildsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-01-04Update expected x86_64 host tuple for ABE buildsMaxim Kuvyrkov Rollback building with LLD for ARM's configsMaxim Kuvyrkov Use LLD for all LLVM configsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-12-15Revert "tcwg_{bmk,gnu,kernel} Update to not override passed rr[comp...Maxim Kuvyrkov
2020-12-15tcwg_{bmk,gnu,kernel} Update to not override passed rr[components]Maxim Kuvyrkov Add missing handling of QEMU componentMaxim Kuvyrkov Test booting using just-built QEMUMaxim Kuvyrkov Workaround missing QEMUMaxim Kuvyrkov Print the toolchain_type when unsupportedChristophe Lyon Spickett Add pwd check functionDavid Spickett Spickett
2020-04-28Shellcheck fixes round 3David Spickett
2020-04-23Shellcheck fixes round 2David Spickett Merge info from "regressions.txt" to "results"Maxim Kuvyrkov Avoid changing top-level artifacts in no_regression_p predicateMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-03-11Add annotations to round-robin's "results" fileMaxim Kuvyrkov
2020-02-18Round-robin scripts: improve regression email contentsChristophe Lyon Robustify boot testMaxim Kuvyrkov Implement rr[breakup_updated_components] hookMaxim Kuvyrkov Increase timeout for qemu to boot kernelMaxim Kuvyrkov Stop bisecting non-interesting regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-04-27tcwg_* Don't require repo urls when we don't need themMaxim Kuvyrkov Add ${rr[update_baseline]} "rebase" capabilityMaxim Kuvyrkov Refactor reset_baseline into update_baselineMaxim Kuvyrkov Restrict linking with LLD to defconfigMaxim Kuvyrkov Use LLD for LLVM Linux kernel link jobsPeter Smith Update build step nameMaxim Kuvyrkov Add boot-testing of kernelMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-22Trivial cleanupsMaxim Kuvyrkov Simplify run_step* functionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-18[rr-many 1/N]: Support testing multiple projects in the same buildMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-02-07tcwg_kernel-*.sh: Avoid proxy variablesMaxim Kuvyrkov Improve run_step functionality.Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix bisection of GCC regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2019-01-22tcwg_kernel*: Correct names of *_rev variables.Maxim Kuvyrkov Simplify reproduction logicMaxim Kuvyrkov Stabilize kernel build for ccacheMaxim Kuvyrkov Make sure manifest declares variables in the global nam...Maxim Kuvyrkov Add new --mode reproduceMaxim Kuvyrkov