BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
working-estuary-1110defconfig: enable configs for TI WL1835 and rearrange by savedefconfigGuodong Xu6 years
working-hdmi-bug-fixesdrm/hisilicon: Remove the old 720p canned modeXinliang Liu6 years
working-hdmi-test-0908-01drm: hisilicon: Filter out unsupport modes and reorder modes according to tes...xinliang.liu6 years
working-hdmi-test-0912-01clk: hi6220: change ddr_srcGuodong Xu6 years
working-v4.2-rc6-hikeywlcore: make reg_ch_conf_last and _pending 64bit alignedGuodong Xu6 years
v4.2linux-4.2.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-11-10defconfig: enable configs for TI WL1835 and rearrange by savedefconfigworking-estuary-1110Guodong Xu
2015-11-10dts: hikey: add nodes for dwmmc2 and wlcoreGuodong Xu
2015-11-10wlcore: make reg_ch_conf_last and _pending 64bit alignedGuodong Xu
2015-11-10misc: hi6220: enable PMIC clock output CK32BGuodong Xu
2015-11-10misc: disable the reset of microSD and SDIO controllerBintian Wang
2015-11-10misc: hi6220: Add driver to config some device host chips resided on hi6220 SoCFei Wang
2015-11-08Merge pull request #10 from kongzizaixian/masterkongzizaixian
2015-11-08dts: hikey: add mmc dts fileXinwei Kong
2015-11-08mmc: HiKey: configure the dw_mmc-k3 driver for estuary kernelXinwei Kong
2015-11-08pmic/regulator: Add hisilicon hi655X pmic/regulator core driver for hi6220 SoCZhang Nian