AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-13netfilter: fix function return types for 64bitv3.10/topic/aosp-warningsMark Hambleton
2013-12-09Merge branch 'android-3.10' of https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/common...Mark Brown
2013-12-04netfilter: xt_qtaguid: fix memory leak in seq_file handlersGreg Hackmann
2013-11-22video: adf: fix fbdev blank -> dpms state mappingGreg Hackmann
2013-11-20video: adf: validate dpms state passed to blankGreg Hackmann
2013-11-20video: adf: fix ADF_MAX_ATTACHMENTS declarationGreg Hackmann
2013-11-20video: adf: remove PAGE_SIZE from userspace-facing headerGreg Hackmann
2013-11-20video: adf: make device node names less hierarchicalGreg Hackmann
2013-11-15ion: convert sg_dma_len(sg) to sg->lengthColin Cross
2013-11-15ion: fix dma APIsColin Cross
2013-11-15ion: fix crash when alloc len is -1Colin Cross
2013-11-15ion: hold reference to handle after ion_uhandle_getColin Cross
2013-11-14ion: Fix compat support to use proper compat ioctl numbersJohn Stultz
2013-11-13ARM: Fix "Make low-level printk work" to use a separate config optionArve Hjønnevåg
2013-11-08ARM: Fix dtb list when DTB_IMAGE_NAMES is emptyBenoit Goby
2013-11-07anonymous vma names: fix build with !MMUColin Cross
2013-11-07mm: fix anon vma namingColin Cross
2013-11-07drivers: staging: android: split uapi out of sync.h and sw_sync.hColin Cross
2013-11-07drivers: staging: android: split uapi out of binder.hColin Cross
2013-11-07drivers: staging: android: split uapi out of ashmem.hColin Cross
2013-11-07drivers: staging: android: split uapi out of android_alarm.hColin Cross
2013-11-07net: move PPPoLAC and PPPoPNS headers to uapiColin Cross
2013-11-07usb: gadget: f_accessory: move userspace interface to uapiColin Cross
2013-11-07usb: gadget: f_mtp: move userspace interface to uapiColin Cross
2013-11-07input: misc: keychord: move header to uapiColin Cross
2013-11-07ion: move userspace api into uapi/ion.hColin Cross
2013-11-07ion: move into stagingColin Cross
2013-11-07gpu: ion: delete ion_system_mapper.cColin Cross
2013-10-31drivers: switch: remove S_IWUSR from dev_attrQiao Zhou
2013-10-29Merge branch 'android-3.10-adf' into android-3.10Greg Hackmann
2013-10-24ion: add compat_ioctlRom Lemarchand
2013-10-24ion: change ion_user_handle_t definition to intRom Lemarchand
2013-10-24usb: gadget: android: Remove device if probe failsBenoit Goby
2013-10-24video: adf: expose adf_modeinfo_set_{name,vrefresh} to driversGreg Hackmann
2013-10-24video: adf: set default interface dpms_state to OFFGreg Hackmann
2013-10-24video: adf: make dpms_state sysfs attribute writableGreg Hackmann
2013-10-24video: adf: add helpers for validating custom formatsGreg Hackmann
2013-10-24sync: Fix a race condition between release_obj and print_objAlistair Strachan
2013-10-24ion: add new ion_user_handle_t type for the user-space tokenRom Lemarchand
2013-10-16cpufreq: interactive: delete timers for GOV_STARTShridhar Rasal
2013-10-15cpufreq: Interactive: Implement per policy instances of governorViresh Kumar
2013-10-15cpufreq: interactive: Move definition of cpufreq_gov_interactive downwardsViresh Kumar
2013-10-15cpufreq: interactive: Remove unnecessary cpu_online() checkViresh Kumar
2013-10-13sync: signal pt before sync_timeline object gets destroyedPrakash Kamliya
2013-10-11video: adf: add informational flags to interfacesGreg Hackmann
2013-10-11video: adf: add fbdev compatibility helperGreg Hackmann
2013-10-11video: adf: add supported formats to adf_overlay_engine_dataGreg Hackmann
2013-10-11video: adf: support "simple" buffersGreg Hackmann
2013-10-11video: adf: add memblock helperGreg Hackmann
2013-10-11video: add atomic display frameworkGreg Hackmann