path: root/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_tv.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-06-18drm/i915: add unregister callback to connectorImre Deak
2014-06-18drm/i915/tv: fix gen4 composite s-video tv-outJani Nikula
2013-11-18drm/i915/tv: add ->get_config callbackDaniel Vetter
2013-10-10drm/i915: Rename intel_flush_display_plane to intel_flush_primary_planeVille Syrjälä
2013-10-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'airlied/drm-next' into drm-intel-nextDaniel Vetter
2013-10-09drm: Remove pci_vendor and pci_device from struct drm_deviceVille Syrjälä
2013-10-01drm/i915: destroy connector sysfs files earlierPaulo Zanoni
2013-10-01drm/i915: Use crtc_clock with the adjusted modeDamien Lespiau
2013-10-01drm/i915: VBT's child_device_config changes over timePaulo Zanoni
2013-10-01drm/i915: use pointer = k[cmz...]alloc(sizeof(*pointer), ...) patternDaniel Vetter
2013-09-24drm/i915/tv: clear adjusted_mode.flagsDaniel Vetter
2013-08-04drm/i915/tv: Use native encoder->mode_set callbackDaniel Vetter
2013-07-24drm/i915: Add some debug breadcrumbs to connector detectionChris Wilson
2013-06-05drm/i915: consolidate and tighten encoder cloning checksDaniel Vetter
2013-05-10drm/i915: Organize VBT stuff inside drm_i915_privateRodrigo Vivi
2013-04-18drm/i915: (re)init HPD interrupt storm statisticsEgbert Eich
2013-03-28drm/i915: clean up pipe bpp confusionDaniel Vetter
2013-02-14drm/i915: rip out helper->disable noop functionsDaniel Vetter
2012-12-20drm/i915: Return the real error code from intel_set_mode()Chris Wilson
2012-11-21drm/i915: drm_connector_property -> drm_object_propertyRob Clark
2012-11-11drm/i915/tv: Use intel_flush_display_plane() to flush the primary planeDamien Lespiau
2012-10-03Merge branch 'drm-next' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linuxLinus Torvalds
2012-10-02UAPI: (Scripted) Convert #include "..." to #include <path/...> in drivers/gpu/David Howells
2012-10-02UAPI: (Scripted) Remove redundant DRM UAPI header #inclusions from drivers/gpu/.David Howells
2012-09-06drm/i915: s/intel_encoder_disable/intel_encoder_noopDaniel Vetter
2012-09-06drm/i915: use staged outuput config in tv->mode_fixupDaniel Vetter
2012-09-06drm/i915/tv: implement get_hw_stateDaniel Vetter
2012-09-06drm/i915: rip out encoder->prepare/commitDaniel Vetter
2012-09-06drm/i915: copy&paste drm_crtc_helper_set_modeDaniel Vetter
2012-09-06drm/i915/tv: convert to encoder enable/disableDaniel Vetter
2012-08-17drm/i915: drop intel_encoder argument to load_detect_pipe functionsDaniel Vetter
2012-07-25drm/i915: simplify possible_clones computationDaniel Vetter
2012-07-19drm: Make the .mode_fixup() operations mode argument a const pointerLaurent Pinchart
2012-07-05drm/i915: introduce for_each_encoder_on_crtcDaniel Vetter
2012-05-24drm/i915: Adding TV Out Missing modes.Rodrigo Vivi
2012-05-24drm/i915: wait for a vblank to pass after tv detectDaniel Vetter
2012-05-04drm/i915: rip out unnecessary calls to drm_mode_set_crtcinfoDaniel Vetter
2012-05-03drm/i915: fixup tv load-detect on enabled but not active crtcDaniel Vetter
2012-04-20drm/i915/tv: fix open-coded ARRAY_SIZE.Dave Airlie
2012-03-27drm/i915: reinstate GM45 TV detection fixDaniel Vetter
2012-02-10drm/i915: fixup interlaced vertical timings confusion, part 1Daniel Vetter
2012-01-06drm/i915: Removing TV Out modes.Rodrigo Vivi
2012-01-06drm/i915: Fix TV Out refresh rate.Rodrigo Vivi
2011-09-19Drivers: i915: Fix all space related issues.Akshay Joshi
2011-07-13drm/i915: TVDAC_STATE_CHG does not indicate successful load-detectKeith Packard
2011-07-13drm/i915: Select correct pipe during TV detectKeith Packard
2011-05-10drm/i915: Don't store temporary load-detect variables in the generic encoderChris Wilson
2011-05-10drm/i915: Simplify return value from intel_get_load_detect_pipeChris Wilson
2011-04-12drm/i915/tv: Fix modeset flickering introduced in 7f58aabc3Sitsofe Wheeler
2011-04-12drm/i915/tv: Only poll for TV connectionsMathew McKernan