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authorChase Qi <>2016-07-26 10:54:40 +0800
committerMilosz Wasilewski <>2016-07-27 10:13:00 +0000
commit93369ef9211c4618fdcef15980b82fcc2fb46ce9 (patch)
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parent4013e6df3cca75e4a7bf5451d72a912519322eb6 (diff)
ubuntu: ltp: fix parse pattern
ltp-pan print test case, result and exitcode in the format "%-30.30s %-10.10s %-5d\n". Most of the time, exitcode doesn't take all the 5 digital placeholder, in this case, there are spaces after the exitcode. That is why the current pattern doesn't work with the new lava-local-run I created. The current pattern actually works in LAVA instance, it is not able to match skipped tests though. Further investigation shows that the additional spaces are stripped off in LAVA's output for some reasons that I don't know. The new pattern in this patch fixed this issue and also able to match skipped tests. Change-Id: Iafcbd11a0bc3588eba51cafef53ce9082ab9aa36 Signed-off-by: Chase Qi <>
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diff --git a/ubuntu/ltp.yaml b/ubuntu/ltp.yaml
index ee9ab7c..73e085a 100644
--- a/ubuntu/ltp.yaml
+++ b/ubuntu/ltp.yaml
@@ -52,7 +52,8 @@ run:
- './common/scripts/ -T $TST_CMDFILES -P /opt/ltp/build -S $SKIPFILE'
- pattern: "^(?!.+ED)(?P<test_case_id>\\w+)\\s+(?P<result>\\w+)\\s+\\d$"
+ pattern: "^(?!.+ED)(?P<test_case_id>\\w+)\\s+(?P<result>PASS|FAIL|CONF)\\s+\\d+"
FAIL: fail
PASS: pass
+ CONF: skip