Building notes
2013-05-06  Andy Green <andy.green@linaro.org>

These sources are GPL2, you can find them here


This probject uses GNU autotools.

Make sure you have 

 - libtool
 - automake
 - autoconf

packages installed.

To build the websockets-based daemon, you will need to build libwebsockets,
built and installed on your box, which you can get from here


It uses CMake, see README.build in that project for examples of how to
configure, build and install.

After building and installing libwebsocket, to initially configure arm-probe
sources for your system, or if you change the autotools-related content:

 - ./autogen.sh
 - ./configure

You might want to use "./configure --prefix=/usr", which will later install
the built libraries and apps in /usr/bin, /usr/lib etc instead of the
default /usr/local/...   If you want to do that, notice that on 64-bit systems
(eg, on Fedora...) you will also need to give --libdir=/usr/lib64 which is
otherwise taken care of automatically.

afterwards, you can make as usual with

 - make
 - sudo make install

from the top level.

* libarmep is a library wrapping all of the access and protocol complexity
    of dealing with one or more arm energy probes

* arm-probe is the commandline utilty for the arm probes which issues
    output on stdout and adds columns on to stdin if anything is piped
    there.  The tabbed ascii format is compatible with gnuplot.  Actually
    the code for this is very small since libarmep copes with the dirty

* aepd provides the realtime HTML5 web interface part, run aepd and open
    a chrome browser window to http://localhost:15164 for a realtime scope-
    type display