AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
78 Create mail everytimeHEADmasterLaurent Alfonsi
8 (create_mail_dir): Fix typoMaxim Kuvyrkov
26 hourstcwg-wip/ New scriptMaxim Kuvyrkov
2 (check_regression): Move parts of code to new functionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2 (update_baseline): Use email body for commit log messageMaxim Kuvyrkov
2 Always generate email reports, not just for regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2 Use git revisions instead of git parametersMaxim Kuvyrkov
2 Update commentsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2 Output better comments in artifacts/resultsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2 (check_regression): Fix generation of trigger-build-*Maxim Kuvyrkov
2 daysRevert " Move full bot to silent"Diana Picus
4 Handle partial/bisect builds in set_current_git()Maxim Kuvyrkov
4 Rename base-artifacts/baseline to base-artifacts/gitMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 Fix baseline/manifest workaroundMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 (update_baseline): Fix pushing of initial baselineMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 Store baseline git data in separate directoryMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 daystcwg-wip/ fix date, improve readabilityLaurent Alfonsi
6 Fix bisect test buildsMaxim Kuvyrkov
7 daystcwg-wip/ reset restuls between each parsingLaurent Alfonsi
7 Fix baseline builds during bisectMaxim Kuvyrkov
7 Trigger builds for last-good revisionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
7 daystcwg-wip: First script to push a results to squad (WIP)Laurent Alfonsi
8 Fix "git rev-parse" of short historiesMaxim Kuvyrkov
8 temporary fixLaurent Alfonsi
8 Add a transitional workaroundMaxim Kuvyrkov
9 Extract baseline revs from manifestsMaxim Kuvyrkov
9 Rework handling of manifestsMaxim Kuvyrkov
9 (convert_args_to_variables): ReworkMaxim Kuvyrkov
9 Rework handling of base-artifacts historyMaxim Kuvyrkov
9 Rework handling of ${rr[update_baseline]}Maxim Kuvyrkov
9 Rework naming of ${rr[mode]}Maxim Kuvyrkov
9 Delete push_baseline() stepMaxim Kuvyrkov
10 remove useless debug infoLaurent Alfonsi
12 (run_step): Improve failure outputMaxim Kuvyrkov
12 Use ${rr[]} instead of ${debug[]}Maxim Kuvyrkov
12 Fix path for results.csvMaxim Kuvyrkov
12 add no change in sources automatic detectionLaurent Alfonsi
12 Add infos for debug and automatic diagnosticLaurent Alfonsi
14 daysMakeRelease.job: Fix expansion of "${check[@]}"Maxim Kuvyrkov
14 Fix tcwg-gnu-build jobtestedMaxim Kuvyrkov Move full bot to silentDiana Picus Pass -fdump-tree-vect-details to gather data on loops vect...Prathamesh Kulkarni double timeslot for relaease jobsLaurent Alfonsi Move 3 SVE bots to silentDavid Spickett Move armv8-lld-2stage to silentDavid Spickett Fix git-refDiana Picus Add CMAKE_C_COMPILER_TARGETDiana Picus Compile the builtins only for the default targetDiana Picus Add -v to armv7 lit argsDiana Picus Force lit to 16 jobs on aarch64Diana Picus