AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
113 (clone_repo): Fix checkout of branchesHEADmasterMaxim Kuvyrkov
2 Use at most half of RAM on normal buildersMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daysround-robin scripts: Merge <foo>_url and <foo>_branch into <foo>_gittestedMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 Parallelize compression of logsMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 Fix typoMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 (clone_repo): Do not use single-branch clonesMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 Integrate workaround for creating new branchesMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 Simplify handling of baseline repos/remotesMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 (git_set_remote): New functionMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 days[NFC] Cleanup reset_artifacts()Maxim Kuvyrkov
6 Move handling of one of the edge case hereMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 Update commentMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 Update jira settingsMaxim Kuvyrkov
7 Fix rsync --exclude patternsMaxim Kuvyrkov
7 Handle flaky tests for more check_* ci_configsMaxim Kuvyrkov
7 Update formattingMaxim Kuvyrkov
8 Update after adding binutils to bootstrap configsMaxim Kuvyrkov
8 (check_regression): Don't require baseline origin to existMaxim Kuvyrkov
8 Simplify logic for cloning baseline repoMaxim Kuvyrkov
10 Build binutils for native GCC testingMaxim Kuvyrkov
10 Fix pushes to interesting-commitsMaxim Kuvyrkov
10 Add type_of_test:check_gccMaxim Kuvyrkov
11 Update only requested remoteMaxim Kuvyrkov
11 Add a workaround for avoiding running TSan tests with QEMUMaxim Kuvyrkov
11 Use gerrit to push to reposMaxim Kuvyrkov
12 (git_init_linaro_local_remote): Add special case ...Maxim Kuvyrkov
13, Ignore ERRORs in partial test runsMaxim Kuvyrkov
14 Fix detection of xfailsMaxim Kuvyrkov
14 Fix $occurencesMaxim Kuvyrkov
14 Rely on to detect regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
14 Auto-generate lists of flaky GCC testsMaxim Kuvyrkov
14 Re-enable email notifications for tcwg_gnu/tcwg_cross.Maxim Kuvyrkov
14 Fix path to interesting-commitsMaxim Kuvyrkov
14 Fix shellcheck warningMaxim Kuvyrkov
14 Ignore progressions in bisectionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
14 Fix quotingMaxim Kuvyrkov Update email preferencesMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix line breaksMaxim Kuvyrkov Save/restore baseline stateMaxim Kuvyrkov (clone_repo): Fix manifest overrideMaxim Kuvyrkov Ignore container cleanup failures and preserve exit codeMaxim Kuvyrkov Update email preferencesMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix broken pipe from "head"Maxim Kuvyrkov Fix cross-testing of GCCMaxim Kuvyrkov Fix format of trigger-bisect fileMaxim Kuvyrkov Don't count extra or missing .sum files as failuresMaxim Kuvyrkov Bisect by running only testsuites with new failuresMaxim Kuvyrkov Compare results using validate_failures.pyMaxim Kuvyrkov Use Linaro's DejaGnu branchMaxim Kuvyrkov Avoid huge lists in results.regressionsMaxim Kuvyrkov